One might have thought that after that one idiot who harassed and threatened people to make internet videos got shot in Virginia, internet pranksters would have gotten the message to not do shit like that.

The dumb pranks continue.


Depending on the jurisdiction, this might have been a sufficient level of intimidation to justify the use of force. It is a shakedown.

This guy, or someone like him, will prank the wrong person and catch a bullet. Again.


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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Apparently, not enough internet pranksters have been shot”
  1. morons will eat Tide pods and drink boiling water…. social media makes stupid people even stupider..

  2. I’m not convinced internet pranksters have the necessary intelligence, certanly not the life experience, to adequately correlate their threatening action to rapid assumption of ambient temperature.

    Most beggars / panhandlers / street people / etc. are those people because they belong to a cohort that has a sufficient degree of mental problems that those problems cause them to not fit in with “normal” society; there have been some, not a huge number, but it’s nowhere near zero, instances where the mentally defective react with violence if their request is denied, or just because the voices in their heads say you’re wearing the wrong color socks.

    I recognized I’m biased, having grown up and worked as a adult in a Large Major City where that kind of stuff happened, but I never assume a solicitation request is benevolent, no matter who makes it. Add in the idiocy of Social Video Exhibitionists and the probability ratchets up several notches. Out in public an “Excuse me, may I ask for….” causes my one of my hands to disappear from view and my head to increase the swivel rate looking for accomplices and see what kind of setup it is. The perp in this one approached in view of the seated male, who, armed or unarmed, should have immediately stood at the approach and gone into Condition Orange.

  3. That was a threat. A threat to use deadly force. Plain and simple. And the only reasonable response to a valid threat is force. These criminals think it’s funny to post their crimes. And since 99% of the time they face no consequences there’s no reason for them to not post them.

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