The evidence of Kyle’s innocence is so overwhelming that it brings the biased coverage against him into stark contrast.

I hope a lot more normies see this and realize just how maliciously partisan everything corporate that feeds them information is.


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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Apparently the Rittenhouse trial coverage was doling out some red pills too”
  1. I am noticing a conslicuous lack of coverage about rittenhouse where everyone shot was a white guy and a convicted scumbag and the legal and moral grounds are quite clear and the evidence speaks for itself

    However i am seeing a lot of coverage of the arbuery trial where the white guys kilked a black guy and the legal and moral grounds are not as obvious or clear nor is the evidence.

    Im just paranoid right? /sarc

  2. I have been watching the trial. I didn’t know all the details about the people Mr. Rittenhouse had to shoot. Like all three were convicted felons?

    By the way, the first attacker, the one that attacked Kyle Rittenhouse and set this all in motion? Joseph Rosenbaum was a convicted rapist that served ten years for raping 5 boys aged 5 to 11. Pima County AZ confirmed the sentence and the crimes.

    Can someone really blow her mind by tweeting back these leftist bubble approved links?

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