Who have been beating up Jews in America recently?

Nobody.  Because the first rule of Democrat support of Palestinians is you don’t talk about Palestinian anti-Semitism.

Although… considering that Woke whites just overflow with the condescending bigotry of low expectations, one might argue that Antifa, i.e., Woke whites, violence is white supremacism.  But I don’t think he means it like that.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Are Palestinians white? Asking for the Jews”
  1. “The coordination of narrative engineering across all agencies of the U.S. government is quite remarkable. Today Attorney General Merrick Garland announced that Deputy AG Lisa Monaco will lead a “whole of government” effort to label any political opposition to the Biden regime as “domestic terrorists”.

    “To facilitate that objective, Garland announced that DAG Monaco is reconstituting “the domestic terrorism executive committee“, an investigative agency process used in the aftermath of the Oklahoma bombing in 1995. Additionally, Garland is noting the January 6th Capitol Hill protest was the current equivalent of the 1995 bombing that killed 168 people and injured 680. The Domestic Terrorism committee, led by Monaco, will focus their efforts at ensuring the center of U.S. government is never again put at risk.” — Sundance @ CTH

  2. As evidence that the “Most Lethal” threats are racial or ethnically motivated violent extremists or militia violent extremists, he cites an internally generated “intelligence assessment.” Color me skeptical, but an internal assessment that parrots what the politically appointed leadership wants isn’t very convincing. Especially with the lack of evidence reported on by even the news media government propaganda bureaus.

  3. Somewhat related: I just read an article reporting on a piece Tucker Carlson did the other day, in which he mentioned that a bunch of the people named in the January 6 reports are just numbered individuals. And they are unindicted even though they appear to be serious players. Tucker’s conclusion is that, as in so many instances in the past, they are FBI people sent in to make the “crimes” happen.

    1. The FBI did that to the Black Panthers and tried to get MLK’s followers to turn violent.

      I remember reading a quote from an FBI agent who said at one point there were more undercover FBI in the Klan then actual Klan members.

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