Dad who homeschools kids teaches them about guns and Bitcoin

Derrick Grace II, 28, began homeschooling his six year-old daughter Derrica after claiming traditional education was akin to ‘day care’.

He has since developed his own ‘Unlearn and Relearn’ curriculum for Derrica and her nine year-old brother Derrick III about shooting weapons, cryptocurrency and the Black Panther movement.

Entrepreneur Derrick II, of Tampla, Fl, explained: ‘To me school is a day care. It’s a place where the adults take the babies while they worry about adult life.


I mean, knowing bout guns and Cryptomining is far more useful than the critical race theory being jammed down kids’ throats, so I can’t really fault him.

I have a feeling that with what feels like the impending Weimar Republic-esque inflation and economic collapse of America, it’s the kids who were taught by the crazy homeschooling parents about how to use guns, grow their own food, and shit like that are going to be the ones who come out the best from the shitstorm coming our way.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Arguably he’s doing a better job than most public schools”
  1. Inflation is already here, it’s just smashed down in the official gov numbers, as well as crypto getting in the way. Have you priced out a 2×4 lately? Whenever you hear “quantitative easing”, a popular term since the 2008 crash, it really just means “money machine go brrrrrrrr”. Look at what the smart money people are doing in the last 2 months: hedge funds, institutional investers, etc. They are all pulling their money out of the market. The only thing pumping up the stock markets these days are retail investors and corporate buy-backs. You think Bill Gates is buying farmland because he likes growing wheat? No, he sees the fiat collapse coming and is moving his massive wealth into “real” assets, to best ride out the inflation when it finally officially blows up. Do yourselves a favor and prepare for it. Move some of your 401k $ into PSLV, buy some physical commodities, etc. It’s simple economics at this point, it’s just a matter of when the dam breaks. #silversqueeze

  2. School is day care and that became evident to me the moment a disruptive kid was able to derail and control the trajectory of a class WHILE I WAS STILL IN SCHOOL.

  3. A black man who is interested in raising his kids, and making the into fully realized adults capable of taking care of themselves. A relatively rare commodity these days.

    Granted, I am not exactly excited about some of the lessons he is instilling, but it is better than the crap the leftists are feeding our children. And, if either of his kids came home and declared they are trans, I do not think puberty blocking drugs will be administered. Pretty sure it will be a well deserved educational beating.

  4. Unless he’s teaching them the Black Panthers were just another murderous drug gang, he’s part of the problem.

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