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3 thoughts on “As seen in the Weather Channel.”
  1. They can’t predict the temperature 4 days ahead, but we’re supposed to believe that they can totally predicted the global temperature 50 years from now, and based on those predictions you should surrender all of your freedom and money now to the same “experts” in order to save the planet.

  2. Trying to determine if:

    a) you’re upset that you put up your shutters and your neighbors didn’t and it turns out they were probably right.

    b) the storm didn’t track right into Florida as originally predicted and destroy billions and billions of dollars of property that would send your home insurance rates soaring from the high level they already are and give you reason to write more posts whining about something.

    c) watching a Cat 5 storm hovering 170 miles away from your house just isn’t close enough to thank God you have power, food and shelter while people try to sleep under the stars in Abaco because everything else is gone.

    You’re effing moaning about them not nailing the forecast so you had a chance to try out your new battery rig?

    JFC, man. WTF is wrong with you?

    1. Did you even read the post? He is making a point about the absurd reporting as if the forecasters can change 1 iota of the storms course.

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