As an MS/PhD myself, this is fucking stupid as shit.

Some of the most partisan hacks, spreading the most inane bullshit are PhD.

I will again quote George Orwell: “There are some ideas so absurd that only an intellectual could believe them.”

What this guy means is that he wants Musk to have been steeped for years and indoctrinated in Leftist ideology that permeates liberal arts and soft sciences academia.

This thread is more of an indictment of the university system than it is Musk.


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By J. Kb

12 thoughts on “As something of a credentialed expert myself…”
  1. I wonder what this twit’s degree is in? I’m a veteran of 40 years in academia and can tell you that some of the smartest, most thoughtful people I’ve known are balanced by empty- headed ideologues. One sure sign of the latter is the belief that degrees confer either wisdom or morality. Or, for that matter, knowledge beyond some narrowly- defined specialty.

  2. *I* have a*masters degree* (“Ask Doctor Science!”).

    Does this numbnut want *me* running Twitter?

    (Takes off jacket, rolls up sleeves, cracks knuckles) “Well, awraht! Lessee whut we got here!”

    “Sumbuddy hol’ mah beer fer awhile!”

  3. Please listen to an MA who has experience in activism and working for social justice, and note the contrast with Elon Musk’s naive notions of free speech.

    So how has that degree and experience worked out for you? Paid off you school debt yet? Of course if you feel so strongly about being able to censor differing options, maybe you should have made a counter offer for Twitter. Oh yeah, no money.

  4. A college campus where you can be exposed to diverse ideas? Where would that be? Certainly not the sort of campus where fanatics like that hang out.

    1. We had that in engineering school back in the early ’90s. Not so sure about the humanities, and absolutely sure it didn’t happen in the education school.

  5. The loudly and proudly overbearing and highly credentialed class has accomplished exactly what in the last 50 years?

    Half the people that revolutionized the Personal Computer industry were college dropouts. The Space Launch System is 3 years behind, and failed their last ground test, and *hope* to launch their first test rocket maybe this Spring (or Fall or Winter). In the mean time, Elon Musk is launching about two successful rockets every week, and revolutionized Satellite Internet. Just ask the Ukrainians.

    How about the “Homeless Problem?” There were *gasp* 300,000 homeless in Reagan’s eighties. Since the best and brightest in Government and Non-Profits have gotten involved? There are more than 300,000 Homeless in California today, and millions more Nationwide.

  6. “A BILLIONAIRE who doesnt even have a phd”……
    WTF does THAT say about college?? How many college “grads with a phd” are F’in BILLIONARES???
    Do these morons proof read????

    1. Classic example of ivory tower intellectualism.
      Yes, he probably proof-read it. And didn’t have any clue as to how it would come across to someone not in his social circle. Probably didn’t even occur to him to ask that question in the first place.

    1. Heh. Evil thought.
      AFAIK, all Tesla cars receive over-the-air updates. It’d be really fun to send an update that replaces the boot-up screen with an image of Trump wearing a MAGA hat, the nav system voice guidance to use Trump’s voice, and have it refuse to find places to get caffeine unless the owner searches for a “covfefe” shop.

  7. Welp lil’ Richie, if you’d stop clutching your pearls hysterically and did some actual reading, you’d know that Talcum-X is not the best choice there. Like at all.

    Pass but nice try, spanky. SMH & LOL!

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