Miguel sent me this, apparently to test my blood pressure:


This is utter and absolute bullshit.

I am totally unaware of how not having an abortion violates a Jewish woman’s ability to practice her religion.

“Get an abortion” is not any one of the 613 Mitzvot.

In Judaism, we are commanded to choose life.  We accept that a woman might need an abortion if having one preserves the life of the mother.  But that’s it.

This woman has confused being Jewish and being a Progressive, where abortion is a religious sacrament.

She’s spent too much time around Leftist reform Jews and has no idea what Judaism means anymore.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “Ashkenazi Leftists confuses Progressivism with Judaism”
  1. Seltzer is the editor of Lilith, a third-wave feminist magazine, published quarterly, that paints itself as “Jewish” in order to cover the fact that the staff (and one must assume overwhelming majority of the readership) are filthy stinking rich socialites from Manhattan that all went to one of the Seven Sisters, married Wall Street execs or white-shoe lawyers who went to one of the Ivy’s.

    And, yes, I’ve read it.

  2. One would think that if getting an abortion is a religious rite, that branch of “Judaism” would be rather self limiting. Kind of like the early American Shakers who practiced celibacy even among married couples.

  3. Sounds like she needs a refresher on Judaism? I was under the impression that Jews worship the Lord; the God of Abraham and Isaac. Not Moloch.

  4. Trying real hard not to resurrect the old medieval bit about Jewish people using Christian babies in evil religious ceremonies because I assume that’s probably not what she meant and that joke isn’t funny. OK, funny in a sick way. Hey Miguel started it.

  5. I’m also having hard time understanding how a number of my Christian friends appear comfortable with progressivism and its worship of abortion.

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