An unidentified adult male was taken into custody with charges pending, police said. As of Monday morning no charges have been filed yet. The investigation is ongoing.


Woman, 35, fatally stabbed after being followed into her NYC apartment (

In the same article we come across this paragraph:

Police also confirmed the man was seen following Lee into her building behind her. The New York Post obtained video footage showing the alleged suspect follow Lee in.

Clicking in the link, it takes us to the NYP article which has video of the “unidentified suspect,” a photo of said unidentified suspect after being arrested in taken in handcuffs and, oh yes! his name!

Responding cops found the suspect, identified by sources as Assamad Nash, 25, inside the apartment and covered in blood. Nash allegedly tried to flee the grisly scene via the fire escape before barricading himself inside — prompting the NYPD’s Emergency Service Unit to bust down the door, according to sources.

“There was a male inside refusing to exit the apartment,” a police spokesman said Sunday.

Hell, even the Daily Mail has a video of the “unidentified suspect.”

I wonder why NBC refuses to give any indication or identifier of the suspect.  Oh wait, at the end of their opwn article is the answer:

A rally is scheduled for Monday morning in wake of Lee’s death to speak against violent hate crimes against Asian American New Yorkers. Police haven’t stated if Lee’s murder is a hate crime.

Her death comes as crimes against Asian Americans have soared in the coronavirus pandemic. In December, the NYPD reported that incidents targeting Asians rose by 361 percent.

I guess Trump and White Supremacists will be blamed and NBC cannot allow any discrepancies against The Narrative.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

3 thoughts on “Asian woman murdered in NYC. NBC mentions “unidentified male.” But we “know” it has to be a White Supremacist, right?”
  1. “Sources said Nash, 25, is a homeless career criminal with three open cases and a record of several escapes from police custody.”

    Yet he on the streets and murdered a woman. Bail reform in action.

  2. “homeless career criminal” Where have we heard that phrase before? About every othe Crime Story maybe?
    The Democrats refuse to actually help the Homeless. They use their degradation and abuse to tear apart civil society all the while bleating about being kind and caring. Democrats leave these vulnerable and violent criminal people on the streets, when they could house them in a controlled environment with access to healthcare and three meals a day in the JAIL awaiting trial. .
    Do not tell me how compassionate the Democrats are to the homeless. They not only encourage and tolerate the homeless, but they allow known violent criminals to mix with them, and prey on the homeless. They use “The Homeless” as an excuse to grift and graft.
    If you abused a dog the way the Democrats treat the homeless, you would be arrested and jailed for Animal Cruelty.

    1. That assumes the criminal in question is actually homeless. Given that “homeless” is the new “get out of jail” card, it makes sense for any arrested criminal to claim homeless status. Better treatment, for one thing. Not having to give an address, for another.

      The right response to an assertion of homelessness is to deny bail, because bail is for those who can be released (a) safely and (b) with a high probability that they will appear at trial, or if not, can be found and brought in. Never mind that (a) cannot apply to violent criminals especially violent repeat offenders — (b) cannot apply to anyone without a known address.

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