This piece of shit is Australian, but I suspect that his opinion I’d nearly universal among his socioeconomic class.

I hope, for his sake, that the baby blood drinking Satanic rituals they engage in make then bulletproof.

Put half of middle America, the people who own 400 million guns, out of work.

Squeeze them financially until they hurt to remind them that they are not people but slaves to the billionaire class who should feel eternally grateful for a pittance.

Shit is on such a hairy, ragged edge, that I don’t see that not going tits up violent.

Consider the men who worked their entire lives to buy a house and have a bit of the American dream. Lay them off and take that away from them to teach them a lesson about how their place in life is under the investment class boot heel.

Take away their sense of dignity, their pride, their hope.

See what happens.

Ask the House of Bourbon or the Romanovs how that went.

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “Ask Marie Antoinette how that went”
  1. Advertising for Moar Pain for people who are running credit cards up to buy groceries just Might come around to bite that jakkass in the face.

  2. In his own mind he is a genius on par with Keynes. He will keep believing this until he encounters the national razor.

  3. Ive always said- just because you are rich don’t necessarily make you smart… miss huffington once said “taxes are for the little people “…
    Back We the People into a corner… mr Trump recently said if democrats stay in power this Country is finished. We will see

  4. On the flip side you have the UAW demanding a 36% pay raise, defined benefits pensions and reduction in hours from 40 to 32, with OT to commence at hour 33.

  5. So he’s Australian, from the land where the subjects were disarmed by government edict. Now we see why.

    He’s obviously pretty stupid. Not only does he miss the point you raised, but he also missed the point that unemployed people still vote, even in Australia. And when they do, they could do stuff like pass a 100% property tax on property over $5 million. Especially in Australia where there is no Constitution, but even in the USA where the first clause of Article 1 Section 8 has been said to permit any taxation to any level on any thing. (Madison claimed otherwise, but his argument — in Federalist #41 — is quite absurd and unconvincing.)

    1. Another aspect he missed is that he’s a property developer. His success comes from selling or leasing property to business. If the economy is clobbered, his empire will be one of the early victims. As a good communist he should know that, it’s very obvious in Red China.

  6. He is not necessarily wrong.
    OK, he is absolutely wrong in the way/intent he is acting, but he is not necessarily wrong in theory. There are too many people in this country who think life should be a piece of cake, and every luxury they want is there for the taking.
    For decades, children were raised to think they were special, that they deserve stuff, and they world owes them some kind of living. They have no idea what “earning it.” means. Contrast that to the generation raised during the Great Depression. You know, the ones that won WWII. That built the USA in to the nation it was at the end of the 20th Century. That, stupidly, told their children they should not have to have it as hard as they did. Good intentions lead…where exactly?
    The old adage is accurate:
    Easy time breed soft men.
    Soft men breed hard times.
    Hard time breed strong men
    Strong men breed easy times.
    We are firmly in easy times breed soft men, moving rapidly into hard times. Entirely too many people these days are adamant their employer should be providing them a “living wage” or a comfortable retirement. While they do as little as they can, or nothing at all. “Quiet quitting” should never have entered the common lexicon.
    Is he an ass? Yep. Does he have any real clue what the repercussions will be if his vision is realized? Probably not. But, is he absolutely wrong? I am going to say this country… no, the world as a whole, needs a bit of a wake up call.

  7. Henry Ford understood that, should you pay your folks suitably, THEY join your customer base.

    How come “Smart Guy”, here, doesn’t comprehend that? Indeed, does he lack the abstract thinking skills to realize that, in a toes-up economy, the entrepreneurs who might buy/rent his developed property, will not do so if there is no market for their products/services, which, oh, gosh, 40-50% unemployment pretty much guarantees?

    How about “and”?

  8. As I say about China owned ports etc on paper, its notike they can come and pick it up and carry it away. Micro scale same with your house and life. Enough people get hurt trying to of that, I think there’d be a lot more hesitation.

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