This is 100% panic. They tried Russian Collusion, they tried racism, they tried impeachment and even the Wuhan Virus when it was the Democratic-controlled  New York who acted as sprinkler to spread the virus across the nation. Hell yes, I am going to say it: Majority of the 130,000 deaths (so far) I lay right at the feet of Cuomo, Pelosi and Schumer.

They made their bed with Joe Biden and he still has traction because mostly he has been kept hidden away . Cuomo for a while was seen as proper substitute, but the mass killing of seniors in assisted living facilities by his policies has left a sour tastes even among New Yorkers. That does not mean he can be selected as VP and them slide in in case of the final Biden collapse after election. The clown show for other VP candidates is a bad joke because of all the racial and sexual overtones, but at the end, the Democrats will ignore the radical base and go with they think gives them the win.

But none of that will hap[pen if the economy  recovers even if it is not to the same levels as pre-Wuhan. CNBC published that “Record jobs gain of 4.8 million in June smashes expectations; unemployment rate falls to 11.1%”  and with people being tired of staying at home, elected officials are not willing to risk the public ire. In South Florida, the announced re-shutdown of restaurants and gyms fizzled with Broward and Miami Dade imposing only certain restrictions and even those are being protested.

They want you dead, and if not, at least broke, hungry, sick and homeless. They are betting people will forget who tanks the economy.

Somehow, I doubt that.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

9 thoughts on “At least they are honest: USA Today tells Democrats to tank economy to defeat Trump”
  1. Don’t forget Gov Wolf (PA), most of our deaths were seniors in nursing homes as well.

    I really don’t understand their game plan here. I mean, everyone knows who is imposing lockdown orders and whatnot, do they really think most people are going to blame the President? It made little sense initially, and it makes even less sense after all the ‘protesting’ left a path of destruction throughout the major cities. Again, do they think people will blame Trump for holding back law enforcement in each city?

    Just how do they think the blame is going to be transferred to him? If anything I’m seeing Democrats lose their own voters after their party lost its mind.

    1. They are going to blame the highest elected official of the opposite party. It just happens to be the President this time around.

      First axiom of politics.

  2. this is a political party and ideology that is so power hungry and insane they are willing to and want to destroy the country for the sake of winning an election.

    And some people don’t get it. The Democrats want the economy to fail, they want people to die, they want people to starve and suffer because it makes the orange man look bad. At least in their worldview which is essentially a fun house mirror.

    I have said it before and I will say it again the far left and the democrats That have attached Themselves to that insane movement literally view the complete and total extermination of every single solitary United States citizen as a BETTER outcome than them Losing elections and losing power. This is also an ideology that would have no and at this point WANT to literally mass exterminate everyone that is not them. No wonder they want to ban the guns; it makes it easier to implement Their end goal: The complete and total extermination of every single United States citizen that owns a gun, The complete and total extermination of every single registerEd Republican.The complete and total extermination of every single Trump supporter. The complete and total extermination of every single Trump voter. The complete and total extermination of every single white male. The complete and total extermination of every single white female that opposes the extermination of all white males. The complete and total extermination of a Jewish population in the United States an exclamation of the entire Jewish population of Israel. The complete extermination of every single person of color that is not a Democrat. And then the complete and total extermination of every single solitary United States is in that opposes the extermination of any of the above groups. Up to and including the complete and total exclamation of literally every single solitary United States citizen. Because to them the literal extermination of 300+ million people to them is actually a preferable outcome to them losing to Trump. That is how insane the left has become.

    That opinion is not shared by the majority of America. More than 90%. Even a good portion of Democrats would oppose that. Unless you are a supreme court justice; nuclear carpet bombing the country is OK to them as long as it in the effort to restrict gun ownership. But the answer to the far left is simple: gain complete power and killed 90% of United States population. And the Starting off point will be the mandated extermination of gun owners which SCOTUS will approve of.

  3. “That does not mean he can be selected as VP and them slide in in case of the final Biden collapse after election”

    This is beautiful. They can’t run two white guys. That does not compute. I love it. Suffer, you vile Communist dogs.

  4. Has Joe Biden announced a VP pick yet?

    If he doesn’t by the Democrat Party mini-convention and Politburo meeting in August, they will replace Joe on the ticket with someone else. Who? I don’t know.

    Trump isn’t just running against the Democrats, he is running against the media, big business, and the entire government.

    1. Lot of “big business” are Trump supporters. Where do dems think the money will come from when they get rid of all the taxpayers?

      1. Some big business people support Trump, yes. A surprising number don’t. It may be they are running from the bear, hoping it will eat someone else first. It may be they are actual believers. Often, big business leaders like intrusive government because they are big enough to cope with it — or they think they are. Intrusive government is particularly hard on small companies and startups, but big business tends to coexist with, or part-own, big government just fine.

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