First of all, kudos to the lady for standing up and ridiculing both the bank and the cop with knowledge.

What made my jaw drop in this exchange was the absolute idiocy of asking the lady to use the drive through to get her money. Really people? Have we forgotten the “special” entrances for those people deemed undesirables because different reasons?



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By Miguel.GFZ

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9 thoughts on “At Wells Fargo Bank, Jim Crow is Good For COVID Theater.”
  1. Yeah … I think I’d be looking for another bank regardless.
    As it is, we have an account at a local (well, “local”) bank, but for usual stuff-of-life (e.g. bill paying) we use one of the early online-only banks that’s still around.

  2. Don’t have enough cash on hand? Cut me a cashier’s check. Then close my account so I can leave. One thing that bankers understand is money. Well, that and the bad publicity they’ve generated by pissing off a person of means. Stupid should hurt.

  3. Ok. This is a bullshit flex.

    She’s in the right, of course. But she needs to do what she needs to do without conflict, so they will learn.

    Having just been through a divorce where I had to protect my accounts, here’s how you do it.

    You get an account at another bank, one that isn’t as woke. You transfer out the whole balance, except for 5-10 bucks. Then you close the account. Don’t deal with mask-tards. With me, I moved cash but left the join accounts enough to cover auto-pay bills.

    The point is, at the end of the day you’re going to close that account. So close it.

    BTW – Thanks for the heads up on Wells Fargo. When I was looking for a new bank they gave me the heebiejeebies. Glad I didn’t use them, even though they are more convenient to me.

      1. Good tips. Especially the one about leaving enough in the old account to cover auto-pay bills.
        Leaving that time buffer is important. Sure, you’re going to set up your auto-pays to pull from the new account, but people don’t realize it can take a couple weeks to a month for them to get it sorted out and switched over (do you have direct deposit for your paycheck? try to change which account it goes to — it can take a couple pay periods to straighten out — and realize the back-end systems for auto-paying bills are pretty much the same).
        Working in IT, I can think of zero reasons it should take multiple batch runs to process the request — it should be more-or-less instantaneous — but for a lot of places it does nonetheless, so you need to plan for it if you’re switching banks.
        And 100% agreed on Wells Fargo. I know a lot of people who love them, but I’ve had an auto loan through them — which naturally required me to open an account with the $5 minimum — and I never liked them. Those “heebiejeebies” you mention, I felt every time I made a payment.
        I couldn’t pay it off fast enough, and I’ll never darken their doorstep again. I think they still have that $5 (plus interest); they can keep it.

    1. I don’t think that it is a bullshit flex. It’s her money. If the bank doesn’t want to do business with her in accordance with the rules that were in place until recently, both parties have the option of ending that business relationship. The bank doesn’t get to tell you that you can’t have your money back while asking you to leave, any more than they can require you to give the manager a blowjob in order to withdraw your funds.

      Not only that, but the woman was correct in that there is no way that they can put $200k through the drive through. They don’t even have $200k in the entire building.

      You say that she needs to “do what she needs to do without conflict” and that is wrong. Why does the bank get to dictate the terms of conflict? Sure, the bank is their property, but they are holding her property ransom in order to forcibly control her behavior.

      The fact that the cop wanted to force her to provide identification and ask questions is also absolute bullshit. By the cop’s own admission, the bank customer is not suspected of any crime, and the cop has no legal authority to ask for her identification. Before you say that she was trespassing, that is not true. She was perfectly willing to leave as long as they returned her property to her. The bank gave her permission to be on the property when they accepted her deposits as a part of their contractual relationship. They can’t withdraw that permission without terminating that contract by returning her property to her, thereby ending that business relationship.

  4. I’d be sorely tempted to make a bunch of signs like the “colored entrance” ones from yesteryear — make them say “No-Mask Entrance” or similar — directing people who don’t want to wear masks to the drive-thru, and place them all around the sidewalk and driveways. Not on the building itself (that could be taken for vandalism). Maybe make another sign, “Masks Only”, directing to the front door.
    For bonus points, I’d make the “Masks Only” signs white with black text, and the “No-Mask Entrance” ones black or dark brown with white text. Y’know, just to differentiate. 😉

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