White House is considering sending Biden to Saudi Arabia to convince them to pump more oil as barrels hit $130 and US discusses easing sanctions with Venezuela

President Biden’s advisors are reportedly considering sending him to Saudi Arabia to push the kingdom to pump more oil as prices soar to over $130 a barrel.

Biden has so far held off on banning Russian oil imports despite bipartisan pressure to do so. While the U.S. has tried to present a united front with its European allies on sanctions, Biden is considering going it alone with banning Russian oil imports, according to Bloomberg.

Meanwhile, White House officials met this weekend with Venezuela’s corrupt President Nicolás Maduro to talk oil and gas exports.

A trip to Saudi Arabia would force the White House to compromise on its emphasis on human rights as they scramble to divert the U.S. from Russian gas. The potential visit was first reported by Axios.

Let me get this straight:

Biden killed the KXL pipeline.

Biden ended new leases in Alaska, New Mexico, and elsewhere.

Biden has totally reversed Trump’s making America energy independent and has waged a regulatory war on the oil and gas industry.

Biden has twice dumped oil from our strategic reserves.

Biden’s sanctions on Russia explicitly exempted Russian petroleum.

Now he’s turning to Saudi Arabia and Venezuela for oil but will not turn on American oil production.

At what point does gutting our oil supply and buying more oil from anti-American enemy  nations technically count as treason?

Because honestly, if the Republicans win the majority in the House and Senate, I want them to impeach Biden and Harris over this and put in a Republican who will reinstate Trump’s oil policy.

It’s not just about the cost of gas, it’s about the strength of our strategic position.

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By J. Kb

12 thoughts on “At what point does energy policy become actual treason?”
  1. If we are dependent on everyone else for our energy, then he can say “but I protected our environment from those nasty pollutants like you wanted. It’s not my fault we were overrun by our enemies.”

    Biden– Strength Through Weakness.

  2. I agree with you, J. Kb, but get serious please, absofuckinglutely NOTHING will happen to the demoncrats or the rinos, that may or may not, replace them. And we all damn well know it. Sorry to be a bearer of bad news, but this country is on its last legs and those feet supporting those legs are being greased.

  3. Earlier Jan Psaki made a statement from the podium that the president had not stopped oil production in the US. That the oil companies had plenty of money to drill in the leases they already had.

    So according to Brandon the reason we have sky high gas prices and are no longer energy independent is because the Big Oil decided not to drill anymore.

  4. The more I see stuff like this, the more convinced I am that leftists have no idea how integrated everything is with everything else. It is all part of a much larger system, and they refuse to see it.
    You see it in energy policy, economic policy, foreign policy. They act like they can alter one part of the system, and all other parts will remain unaffected. Pull one gear out of the clock, then get surprised when the clock no longer keeps time accurately (or at all).
    Yes, maybe the average consumer needs a bit of a push to move toward cleaner energy, but cutting off domestic production has an adverse effect on every aspect of the US. The economy, food production, transport of goods (and services). But this administration acts like rising gas prices impact nothing except the wallet of a select few people.
    Is it deliberate? No, I really do not think so. It is the logic of a child in action.

    1. WRONGO, Tek, the fascists aren’t ignorant (they are f-ing stupid), they know exactly what effects their policies are having and those effects are the plan, not a glitch. Fascists are not like children, they are Evil demons in thrall to Satan himself.

      1. Never said they were facists, I said they were leftists. And, leftists are children in adult forms.
        However, you may be right. They may be deliberately and knowingly trying to destroy the system. Because it is not perfect, therefore, it must be destroyed. Which is they way a child thinks.
        It is a mistake to assume they are evil demons. They are not. They are evil children.

        1. But they are fascists. Truly, in the literal and historical sense, in that they use government/private sector collusion to get their goals. El Duce had nothing on these bastards.

        2. Leftists aren’t children in any form, they are Evil, stupid people. Notice I didn’t say ignorant, because they aren’t, they are edumacated beyond their two brain cell capacity. Children can be mean, spiteful, hateful, ignorant, because they haven’t been taught/shown a better way, yet. Leftists are aware of other ways, they choose their Evil, not childishly, but with full awareness of what they are doing. They want to do the Evil they are doing, they enjoy being stupid, while feeling they are better than others. Have I said they are Evil by choice? They are Satan worshipers, while swearing there is no God. They are not evil children, they are Evil demons, disciples of Satan, and thinking they aren’t, puts you at a serious disadvantage. Thinking of them as children will make your surprise at their decisions to kill you and yours for your beliefs, even greater. Please don’t bring up the old canard that I’m making them less than human, they are. Surf the internet, they want us dead, they are not bashful about saying it, either. Humans want to kill us for disagreeing with them? I don’t think so.

  5. Very interesting phrasing…
    The president is not deciding whether he should go; the president’s advisors are deciding.

    1. That was my first thought, too. The “White House is considering sending Biden…” How much more clear could they be that he’s not in charge?

      I can’t decide if it would be better or worse if Biden were in charge. He might just soil the carpet and scribble on the walls, but OTOH, he might do something really insane that hurt the country worse. I just don’t know.

  6. Don’t forget the withdrawn support for the eastern Mediterranean pipeline that would have supplied Israeli natural gas to Europe.

  7. Rob,

    That is evil Jooo Natural Gas, F. Joe Biden does not want Israel to become an energy supplier to Europe. That might make Israel stronger and more independent. Democrats hate that.

    It is better that Europe is dependent on Gas solely from their traditional Russian rivals, especially when Russia is led by a strongman willing to blackmail European countries. Democrats think Competition is bad

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