Just a reminder that I believe that pleading the Nuremberg Defense – “I know this is terrible but it’s my job, I’m just following orders” – deserves immediate and summary execution.


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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Aussie cop pleads the Nuremberg Defense on camera to citizen”
  1. “I’m not skilled to do anything else.”

    Hmmm. And whose fault is that? Or, no-weasel-shaming version: And who has been in a position to change that?

  2. In otherwords- Im a mindless drone who has lost the ability to fukkin THINK. Is that a woodchipper I hear starting??

  3. “I understand you’re pissed off … but there’s a way to go about it.”

    You mean like, oh, I don’t know … taking to the streets in a peaceful protest against unprecedented and overreaching government actions?

    You mean like, petitioning the government for a redress of grievances and expecting that our voices will be heard?

    “I’m not skilled to do anything else.”

    There’s wolves and there’s sheepdogs, mate. Which are you?

  4. The same excuse they will use in a few weeks when they start using live ammunition. At least unlike the United States military at least some of them don’t enjoy doing it.

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