The lesson here is simple: DO NOT CLOSE DISTANCE ON A MAN WITH A KNIFE.

That was one lucky slash that hit the victim right in the neck and clearly severed a major artery.

He went from standing to stumbling to down gushing blood in seconds.

That knife looked fairly small too.

Take knives seriously as weapons and don’t let someone armed with one withing striking range.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Australian man wins the stupidest of prizes”
  1. I took stick and knife fighting years ago. I carry a gun now. We were taught how to strike someone with a gun that is 20 feet away. If someone has a knife and are 20 feet away or closer, they get shot. Never take someone with a knife for granted.

  2. He’s not Australian. He’s 3rd World mystery meat and there’s another picture of him throwing a gang sign. He’s big, and I bet he’s been charging guys all his life and everyone has always backed down, until 15 seconds before he hit the deck wondering “How’d that happen?”

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