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I’m not “that” pro gun and I’m fine with it

I have spent my adult live advocating for the rights of law abiding gun owners.

Then the Libertarian “2A absolutists” have to show up with the sorts of positions that will ruin it for everyone.


Frankly, I’m fine with violent offenders not having their gun or voting rights automatically restored. Given that “Within three years of their release, two out of three former prisoners are rearrested and more than 50% are incarcerated again.”

I just can’t believe that…

“I think that convicted rapists and suicidal crack heads should be able to buy guns while lying on the background check.”

Is a winning message, or a reasonable position.

Other than taking pride in their absolutist nature, what do these people hope to accomplish?

And if this is what it takes to be “pro-gun” in today’s gun culture, I’m going buy a photographer’s vest and some white New Balance sneakers and embrace the Fudd, because I won’t be party to that.


The retarded takes continue

Today I learned from the internet that I am an anti-gun boot-licking cuck, because I said you shouldn’t lie on a 4473.

Apparently, there are a lot of people on the internet that think lying to the government is just fine.


I don’t know how to say this enough, under the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution, you absolutely have the right to remain silent and not testify against yourself.

Once you decide to tall, if you lie on a sworn statement, you are guilty of perjury.

Your choices are stay silent or tell the truth.

Lying is not an option.

That is because the truth is a moral good.

A decent society does not encourage mendacity.

Our Founding Fathers were moral men. They wanted to protect people from tyrannical government, so they enshrined the right to remain silent.

They didn’t give us the right to bullshit the government.

These are two fundamentally different things.

Yet the internet is full of fucking retards who can’t differentiate that.

Then there is this retarded ass take.


I don’t know who told these people, “If you think a law is illegal or unconstitutional, you don’t have to obey it.”

Because, that’s not how that works.

It’s the Supreme Court, not internet fuckoff randos, who decide Constitutionality.

The Supreme Court upheld the 4473 in Bruen. They struck down part of it, but upheld the rest.

So, as of right now, the 4473 has passed Constitutional muster.

I’m completely against licenses to possess guns, like the FOID and FID.

But because the Supreme Court hasn’t struck them down yet, yes, I got a FOID.

According to these chest thumpers, wanting to stay out of prison is loving the taste of fed boot polish.

Maybe I am a Fudd, but I come from a principle of, “Be a law abiding gun owner and work to change the law.”

Heller, DC, Moore v Madigan, Bruen, were all decided in my adult lifetime. I watched as more than half the states in the union went Constitutional Carry.

These are great advancements, and we should and will fight for more.

The “I’m not going to comply with anything I disagree with, and law abiding gun owners are boot-licking cucks,” doesn’t advance our case and just plain fucking retarded.

I only hope all these retards stand by their principles and refuse to comply with the laws they disagree with and lie to the government about it. Let them risk the virginity of their assholes in a federal penitentiary for their chest thumping.

Hunter Biden is not the gun rights hill to die on

I have seen a number of people gun people on Twitter take an utterly ridiculous and retarded position on the Hunter Biden conviction.


Readers of this blog should be aware by now that I’m a stalwart defender of the the Second Amendment.

The Hunter Biden conviction is not a Second Amendment issue.

Let’s be clear exactly what Hunter Biden was convicted of:

The charges: The first two counts were for lying about his drug use on a federal background check form, and the third count was for possessing a gun while addicted to, or using, illegal drugs.

I’m pretty sure everyone who is reading this post has filled out a 4473.

The relevant text is right above where you sign.


According to the ATF:

Federal law prohibits knowingly making any false statement in connection with purchasing, or attempting to purchase, a firearm. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) requires prospective firearm buyers to complete ATF Form 4473. This Form requires buyers to answer several questions, including those about the buyer’s competency, criminal history, drug use, immigration status, and history with domestic violence. Applicants who knowingly make false statements may also face criminal prosecution for a felony and up to 10 years in federal prison.

A 4473 is a federal document. It is an affidavit.

This is advice directly from a attorney’s website:

Lying on Government Forms and Documents: Don’t Do It! It’s Illegal

First and foremost, providing false information on government forms or documents is illegal. It’s considered fraud, forgery, perjury, or making false statements, depending on the specifics. There are laws at both the state and federal levels that prohibit lying or falsifying information on government paperwork. For example, in Illinois, lying on an official document can be considered perjury and prosecuted as such.

Some common situations where people may be tempted to fudge the truth include:

  • Filing taxes and falsely claiming deductions or exemptions
  • Applying for government benefits like welfare or food stamps and not reporting income
  • Filling out the FAFSA form for student aid and leaving off assets
  • Lying on a resume or application when applying for a government job
  • Providing false information when applying for a business loan or grant from the government
  • Lying on immigration paperwork about your reasons for visiting or moving to the country

This is important.

The major charges against Hunter were that he lied on a federal document.

You can hate the Gun Control Act of 1968 and believe that the 4473 is unconstitutional, but that does not negate that fact that lying on a federal form and lying on an affidavit is a crime.

In the first posted Tweet, I’ve covered the travesty of justice that is the conviction of Dexter Taylor. Taylor made guns for fun as a machinist. He was convicted of violating New York’s ghost gun ban and assault weapons ban.

He’s a 2A martyr. He simply made and owned items that New York, unconstitutionally, decided he shouldn’t have.

If Hunter cut a shotgun down to 17.9 inches instead of 18, and accidentally violated the (unconstitutional) NFA, with no malicious intent, I’d agree that would make him a 2A martyr.

Had he crossed into another state with a CCW that didn’t recognize reciprocity, I’d say he was a 2A martyr.

All of those, and many more are issues of gun rights.

Lying on a federal form and affidavit is not a gun rights issue.

This is about equal application of the law.

Bruen struck down part of the 4473 as unconstitutional. It upheld the rest as constitutional.

To maintain intellectual consistency, the pro-gun people who believe it is right for Hunter to lie on a federal form because they disagree with it must support every illegal who lies on an asylum application because those people disagree with immigration restrictions.

Now we’re on the slippery slope of every person who doesn’t like a law thinks they have the moral right to break it, and we become a (more) lawless society.

Our system allows the law to be changed. Challenge the GCA before the court. Lobby politicians. Run for office. Vote.

Don’t break the law.

This isn’t a 2A issue and making to make it into one is stupid.

This is anti-Zionism


The AOCs and Ilhan Omars of the Democrats will swear on a stack of Handmaid’s Tale books that this is not antisemitic, just criticism of Israeli apartheid.

I, on the other hand, am going to buy another gun and more ammo.

Beware deceptively edited video

This video has gone viral.


If that is all you see, than you probably want Jonathan Kaye fired, arrested, and his life ruined.

The problem is, that video only shows half the story.

The New York Post tells the rest of the story.

Millionaire Jonathan Kaye had clashed with members of an anti-Israel LGBTQ group before he shockingly laid out the woman, a source close to Kaye with knowledge of the situation said Monday – as his Park Slope neighbors described him as a rude, antisocial curmudgeon.

“They were marching, they had a flag, and Jonathan simply said something along the lines of, ‘you guys are on the wrong side,’” the source told The Post.

“From there about four people from the group came up to him, they circled him and threw red liquid on him,” the source claimed. “He tried to back away, but he was either chest-bumped or fell to the ground, smashing his knee and slicing his leg.”

The source claimed that he got up and used only the amount of force that was necessary “to get out of there,” noting that Kaye has no history of violence and no criminal record.

Despite the NYPost trying to paint this guy as an awful person, it seems that he was in the right.

He told a bunch if Queers for Palestine that they were wrong. That’s perfectly legal.

They surrounded him, assaulted him, dumped and unknown substance on him.

He punched a tranny in the face to get away.

He was the victim.

Except, this is Pride month, and trannys and Hsmasniks are the new exalted classes, so he got fired and his life if being ruined.

I hope that he sues the piss out of everyone, because self-defense against a bunch of terrorist loving queers isn’t a crime.

An armed society is a polite society

After the IDF successfully rescued four Israeli hostages on Saturday  Hamasniks in the west had a temperature tantrum and started mass intimidation of Jews.

Toronto, Canada:


New York City:


Washington DC:


What is it that these places have in common?

It’s almost impossible for a law abiding citizen to get a gun, and more importantly, a gun with the features that are most useful for self-defense against a mob, i.e., an assault rifle and/or high capacity magazines.

These are places where the police have been rendered impotent by politicians and law abiding Jews can’t protect themselves.

These Hamasniks know that they can intimidate and threaten Jews to their heart’s content, with no threat to themselves.

They are no different than the Klansmen who intimidated blacks after passing gun control that stopped blacks from owning guns.

When potential victims of intimidation are armed, shit like this doesn’t happen.