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Illegals > your rights


The Left went nuts when the Republicans floated the idea of denying illegal immigration sanctuary cities federal funding.

The Left is now floating that same idea except against places that prioritize the Second Amendment over restrictive gin laws.

It’s crystal clear they value illegal immigrants over Constitutional protection.

But moreover, the idea of a Second Amendment sanctuary city is a perversion.  The Bill of Right applies to every citizen everywhere in our country.  We don’t need a Second Amendment sanctuary, the cities and states that violate the Second Amendment need to be punished.

There’s that New York brand again

Felonies surge 40% on NYC subways compared to 2021 — but MTA touts more cops to stem crime wave

Felony crimes — including murder, rape and robbery — have surged on the subway system by 40% so far this year compared to 2021, according to newly released NYPD stats.

At least 1,917 felony crimes were reported from January through October — up from the 1,367 tallied during the same period last year, the figures prepared for Tuesday’s MTA board committee meetings showed.

Last month alone saw 210 total felonies, up from 198 in September, the NYPD said.

The October tally included three murders, two burglaries, 51 robberies, 46 felony assaults and 108 grand larcenies — all increases from that month in 2021, according to police.

Killings in the subway system since 2020 have also skyrocketed to the highest annual levels in 25 years as the city grapples with an overall spike in random violence, NYPD stats show.

Law abiding citizens are trapped underground in a cave with vicious predators and increased violence happens.

This next partisan interesting.

Reached for comment, a spokesman for the MTA said an influx of police officers announced last month by Gov. Kathy Hochul and Mayor Eric Adams has led to less crime.

“The NYPD is now putting more officers on subway cars and on platforms, and so far this month it has resulted in a drop in crime,” said the spokesman, Aaron Donovan.

Riders and transit workers who spoke to The Post on Sunday were split on whether the recent influx of cops had made an impact.

“They just wait until police are not around,” said grocery store worker Lee Rivera, 25.

Felonies are up 40% but it would be worse if it weren’t for the increase in cops.  That’s the logical conclusion here.  That tells you how really bad it is.

Even if more cops is reducing crime, the criminals know that the cops can’t be everywhere and wait until there are none around to strike.

New York increased the number of cops and crime still went up.

That is the loudest ringing endorsement for concealed carry and self defense I’ve ever heard.

This is why it’s so important for Bruen to br enforced in New York.

The people need to be able to defend themselves because the city is doing a shit job of maintaining safety underground.


Broadway tries to make pedophiles sympathetic with WaPo’s help

‘Downstate’ is a play about pedophiles. It’s also brilliant.

Take a deep breath and try to ruminate calmly on the position playwright Bruce Norris takes in his scintillating new play, “Downstate”: that the punishments inflicted on some pedophiles are so harsh and unrelenting as to be inhumane.

I can tell you with absolute certainty that there is no punishment metered out by a state for pedophiles that is harsh and unrelenting enough for me to consider it inhumane.

For me, inhumane punishment for pedophiles is a goal.  It’s a feature, not a bug.  Anything less excruciating than a torture like breaking on the wheel or flaying alive is more merciful than pedophiles deserve.

It’s almost impossible to broad-brush the perspective at the heart of this impeccably acted drama without sounding as if one is advocating some extraordinary level of consideration for individuals who have committed unspeakable crimes. And yet Norris proposes a variation on this proposition at off-Broadway’s Playwrights Horizons: He is questioning what degree of compassion should society fairly hold out to those who have served their time for sexual abuse, assault or rape.

None.  None whatsoever.

Norris, who won a Pulitzer Prize for “Clybourne Park,” a bracingly funny play about race and gentrification inspired by “A Raisin in the Sun,” goes here for another societal jugular. And his provocative efforts result in one of the best theater evenings of the year. (Its pre-covid premiere occurred in 2018 at Steppenwolf Theatre in Norris’s hometown, Chicago.)

He’s loaded the dice to some degree in “Downstate,” as the predators who’ve completed their prison terms are depicted not as monsters but rather as complicated, troubled souls. Felix (Eddie Torres) is a taciturn loner, keeping to himself in a screened-off alcove. Gio (Glenn Davis) is a smarmy operator with a job at a local office supply superstore. Dee (K. Todd Freeman) is a clearheaded ex-stage performer who is fiercely protective of the oldest resident, wheelchair-bound Fred (Francis Guinan), a onetime piano teacher of serene disposition.

There’s no sweeping under the threadbare rug in “Downstate” of the heinous offenses for which the men have been severely punished. We learn about what each of them has done, and we are in effect asked to judge for ourselves what magnitude of ongoing torment each deserves. It develops here as an agonizing moral question, one that our retributive correctional culture would rather not have to debate.

Some theatergoers no doubt will resent that Norris chose to illuminate this delicate subject in a nuanced way that doesn’t jibe with their own undiluted revulsion. If you suspect you are one of these people, “Downstate” is not for you. For many others, it will be a stunning demonstration of the power of narrative art to tackle a taboo, to compel us to look at a controversial topic from novel perspectives.

It helps that Norris has written plum parts for a cadre of actors so sensitively directed that you might fool yourself into thinking a documentary is being recorded. Guinan and Freeman are astonishing as Fred and Dee, deeply flawed human beings who convince us that — even given our sorrow for their victims — there may be a fate for them other than unending purgatory. Guzmán gives a splendid account of the impossible burden placed on a civil servant, to provide some measure of humane guidance to a group of reviled pariahs. And Hopper superbly manages the assignment of a character who seems both entitled to sympathy and unsympathetically entitled.

“Downstate” is proof positive that you can love a play that turns you inside out.

You will not make me try to emphasize with pedophiles.  Even the attempt to do engender compassion for pedophiles is an affront to all that is good and decent.

This playwright and the Washington Post will not normalize sympathy abd compassion for pedophiles.

We need to normalize the grotesque execution of pedophiles.

What the next push for Bruen needs to be

We are watching as the Bruen decision is slowly unraveling may issue in that last may issue states and forcing shall issue across the country.

The logical next step is foll 50 state concealed carry reciprocity.

Of course I completely support that.

However, there is another step, either sequentially or concurrently that I would like Bruen to accomplish.

I want to expand the right to concealed carry beyond that of firearms.

The Second Amendment says “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

The term arms should apply to all weapons for personal defense.

In the past there have been fringe opinions that say the Second Amendment applies to knives.

The Washington State Court of Appeals said that knives and clubs do count as arms.  The irony is thst they made this argument to uphold the conviction of a man carrying a concealed paring knife, using the logic that a knife explicitly intended for kitchen use was not a weapon and therefore protected as arms.

There is a good argument posted in the WSJ justifying knives as protected arms.

But I want to see it fully expanded to include all weapons.

The club is man’s oldest weapon.

I routinely carry an ASP 12 inch concealable baton.  There are places or situations where it us preferable to or useful in conjunction with a gun.

But many places, the laws on impact weapons is vague.

As Gun Culture 2.0 expands and becomes more common and transforms into Gun Culture 3.0 and beyond, the focus is more and more on personal defense rather than hunting abd target shooting.

All weapons for personal defense fall under our cultural purview.

We need to go on the advance and secure the rights to concealed carry not just for guns but for all weapons of a defensive nature.

Calling Friar Torquemada

I’m not a Christian but I did go to an Episcopalian high school, so I don’t want to get out over my skis, but as an outsider reading the news, the Church needs to bring back some of its Medieval practices.

‘It’s heresy!’: Worshippers left ‘in tears’ as Cambridge dean claims Jesus was TRANSGENDER after row over Christ’s wound having a ‘vaginal appearance’

Church worshippers cried ‘heresy’ at the Dean of Trinity College as they left a sermon claiming Jesus may have been transgender ‘in tears’.

But the view of a transgender Jesus is ‘legitimate’, according to Dr Michael Banner, the Dean who stepped in to defend the claim made at a Sermon last Sunday that Christ had a ‘trans body’.

Dr Michael Banner, the Dean of Trinity College, was backing up junior research fellow Joshua Heath, who displayed Renaissance and Medieval paintings of the crucifixion depicting a side wound that he likened to a vagina in front of the congregation.

The side wound ‘takes on a decidedly vaginal appearance’, said Heath, whose PhD was supervised by the former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams.

I find this to be unintentionally honest, but not how the dean intended.  The takeaway is that a “trans vagina” isn’t a vagina but a gaping flesh wound that is an assault on a healthy human body.

‘In Christ’s simultaneously masculine and feminine body in these works, if the body of Christ as these works suggest the body of all bodies, then his body is also the trans body,’ claimed the researcher.

In a letter to the Dean, one worshipper said: ‘I left the service in tears. You offered to speak with me afterwards, but I was too distressed. I am contemptuous of the idea that by cutting a hole in a man, through which he can be penetrated, he can become a woman.

‘I am especially contemptuous of such imagery when it is applied to our Lord, from the pulpit, at Evensong. I am contemptuous of the notion that we should be invited to contemplate the martyrdom of a ‘trans Christ’, a new heresy for our age.’

This is heresy.  It’s also blasphemy.

It’s replacing Christian dogma with Woke dogma.

Christ was the son of God, born of virgin.

The presentation of the baby Jesus in the temple to fulfill the Old Covenant was the circumcision, the Brit Milah (Luke, Chapter 2).  Jesus was a boy.

This “Jesus was transgender” bullshit is the attempt destroy the Church and replace it with Woke ideology.

This isn’t a new concept.

The Church uses to do this to other religions.  Adopting peagan traditions like the Yule log at Christmas time (from the Druids) and fertility festivals into Easter was a way of converting peagans to Christians.

So what I’m seeing now is the same tactic used by the religion of Woke Pride against the Church.

First, Jesus is trans.  Then once that lesson has been absorbed, Jesus will be written out and transgenderism will be new diety.

Woke Pride has done this to Native Americans already.  To listen to them, you would get the idea that “Two-Spirit” Natives were revered spiritual leaders and mystical shaman.

I’ve seen this in Judaism, where the Left has called God transgender or non-binary.  The problem is that the word we use in Hebrew for God has no gender or literal translation.  But they try anyway.

The point being, it’s easy to see what Woke Pride is doing and loyal Christians need to stop it.

I’m tired of being peaceful with these people so my suggestion is to bring back the play book of Friar Torquemada.

When someone says from the pulpit that Jesus was transgender and his stab wound was like a vagina, don’t cry.  Waterboard him until he confesses his blasphemy then burn him that the stake.

A modest proposal


It should be legal to hunt Malthusians for sport.

If overpopulation is such a concern, the natural predator/prey cycle is a perfectly evolved system for keeping populations in check.

Biden vs. Semiautos


Okay… so what is hr going to do about it?

Any ban on semiautomatic guns will be declared unconstitutional in seconds.

This is an old man shouting at a cloud.

Even his handlers have to know this.

So other than being a crotchety old bastard  what’s his end game here?