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VPC: Something smells fishy here.

From the VPC Facebook page.

And quote from the VPC site:

“At Least 65 Innocent People Have Been Killed in Recent Mass Shootings Involving Concealed Handgun Permit Holders

Washington, DC–Gerardo Regalado, the 38-year-old man who shot seven women, killing four, earlier this week at a Hialeah, Florida, restaurant is at least the 16th person licensed to carry a concealed handgun reported to have committed a mass shooting (three victims or more) since May 2007 according to Violence Policy Center (VPC) research….According to news reports, Regalado, who killed himself after the shooting, had a concealed handgun permit–even though relatives described him as “pure evil” with a history of abusing women and having served “hard time” in a Cuban prison.

I recall this killing since I live in Miami. However I do not remember anybody mentioning that the guy had a CCW. I did a search in the Miami Herald, Sun-Sentinel, Miami Times and all the TV channels sites and only WSVN had one mention or Regalado having a CCW while no other news organization mentions it, which is suspicious since the Miami Herald gave extensive coverage to the mass killing and just loves to mention if somebody with a CCW shoots a gun or even farts the wrong way.

So at the end we have ONE news report, not repeated by the original station ever again or mentioned by any other source. Yet the murderer conveniently is added by VPC in his his list of OHMYGODCCWPEOPLEAREKILLERS!

Smells like low tide in Biscayne Bay.

Now we done piss them off.

So what if you give a press conference you deem very important and nobody shows up?
That happened to the Brady Campaign when they were trying to release their Gun Control State Rating Scorecard and they are not happy about it. But what really set them off was the fact that the only video coverage that came out of the very lonesome conference was an NRA product. Paul Helmke throws an amazing hissy fit at the HuffPost (where you work for free) calling thy NRA’s coverage all kinds of names.

Cam Edwards of NRA News shows the footage and makes very poignant comments about the Brady Solitaries.

Irrelevance must hurt so bad.