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Links…. a dirty job but I have to do it.

Since I did not feel like going shooting today, I am doing some of those little pesky tasks around the house and here that need to be done but we avoid like hell. One of them is to update the links’ list of bloggers I’ve been reading regularly. Not being the most organized person in the world and one that bookmarks anything at the drop of a flip-flop, I am having a wonderful time collecting the links…Oy!

OK, here are the new additions:


Eyes Never Closed.

Where Angels Fear To Thread.

Girls Guide to Guns. (Because my wife said so)

Cranky Chicks With Guns. (Ditto above)

meinungsterror (Another German pro gun blog)

All the blogs I link have one or more of the following: Funny, informative, they make you think, they kick your mental butt, they don’t take themselves too seriously (and there are some gun bloggers that think they are too good for the uncouth masses), they are pioneers of pro gun rights where none are to exist or I just like them.

More are coming..eventually 🙂

Senior does not mean senile.

The great equalizer: A Gun.

The Korean War veteran, who suffers from Leukemia and diabetes, took action and shot out one of their tires as the men tried to speed away. Harper then held the men at gunpoint until police arrived to arrest them.

“They had the idea they were going to rush me,” said Harper. “I told them ‘don’t even think about it. I said ‘one more step and it’ll be your last step!”

You gotta love these old tough birds. And it gets better:

“First of all we need to get a law like you got in Florida, for criminal trespassing,” said Harper. “You get you’re a** shot. You’re dead and that’s it.”

Sir, it would be an honor for us Floridians for you to come live among us. Anybody would be proud to have you as a neighbor.

A Gun Free Zone College is a Safe Place…….Right You Are!

One person was killed and four others injured in a shooting at the Southern Union State Community College in eastern Alabama Wednesday afternoon, the Opelika Police said.

I guess the shooter was not aware that guns were prohibited on campus. But do not worry, apparently he was not a student and we all know students are worse. Legally armed students are bad; nutjobs coming into campus and shooting old ladies are not so bad.
UPDATE: Apparently it is also a domestic situation gone bad. Thomas Franklin May III had a restraining order issued against him for domestic violence and it seems that the magical powers of legal papers did not do a damn thing to stop him from shooting the victims.
So, two for the price of one: Gun Free Zones and Restraining Orders: Deadly Sense of Security.

Naturally Concealed.

As somebody whose wife is in the eternal search for gun concealment, Naturally Concealed got my attention. I cannot speak to the effectiveness or comfort of the system, but I do have to give kudos to the creator for ingenuity and to show us males that women can figure out how to do things for themselves.

DirtCrashr (who gets the hat tip for this) smartly says “hit upon a way to carry that takes advantage of the biological diversity afforded by being female.” To which I must add that it will depend on the size of the diversity what a woman will be able to carry. My wife is pretty much stuck with sub-compacts and derringers.

Anybody wants to get in touch with me, I’ll be sleeping in the back porch for the foreseeable future once my beloved reads this post 🙂

One Lucky Armed Robber.

This has to be a lucky armed robber. He he hit somebody raised in the People’s Republic of California is undoubtedly short in the proper firearm education. The video shows 2 glaring examples of that.

SAN DIEGO — An armed robber forced a donut shop clerk to drink liquid dish soap in an unsuccessful effort to get the combination to the store’s safe, police said.

And the robber does the threatening with the weapon’s slide locked open. I imagine that the average reader of this block would go on to “convince” the robber into inserting the gun (properly wrapped in the hoodie) in a selected orifice south and rear of the waist and then call 911 for trash pick up.

Full video here.