Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

Scared shitless and so you should be.

I will take a momentary detour of the regular themes that occupy this blog so I can share with all my three readers the following information:

I recently took the Community Emergency Response Team training in which we had a 4 hour class on terrorism. The instructor, besides teaching the established points as written in the material gave us a small chat on islamofacist terrorist organizations within the USA. As time was short, he recommended a couple of books to further our knowledge of the situation. Yesterday Amazon came through and the books arrived and promptly started on one and, ladies and gents our noses are barely above the pool of fecal matter and we do not know it.

Holy War in the Home Front, The Secret Islamic Terror Network in the United States is 170+ pages of the loudest alarm I ever heard.  It describes how we are literally invaded by extreme Muslim terrorists and almost nothing has been done to protect us from them. And if that does not ticks you off to brain artery popping anger, wait till you hear the reason: Political Correctness.

The author, Harvey Kushner is not getting most of his information from deep undercover sources (he has them but keeps them anonymous) but from published government reports, legal documents and the terrorists own words. In case you still don’t get it, it means that the information has been out there for anybody in the media to see and do further investigation but remained untouched because it was politically incorrect to follow up. The same applies to our government and Law Enforcement agencies who we lay our trust in protecting our country. I have seen conspiracy cases against Organized Crime built and successfully prosecuted with less than 10% of the evidence presented in this book, yet the Washington mindset is so deeply corrupted with the fear of being labeled racist that the cases remain untouched, barely investigated or poorly prosecuted. The same applies to journalist who either because of fear or political convictions purposeful refuse to “connect the dots” and bring us the information we need to know ( Sarah Palin’s wardrobe seems more important than terrorists freely operating in our soil.)

I will not bother to go on. Get the book, now. No excuses. It is being sold for one miserable cent at Amazon which should be further proof on how ignorant we are on the issue. Stop being ignorant, information is key, get it.

Open Carry, Open Warfare.

Let me make this clear: I will never Open Carry out on the street. I think from a self defense standpoint is dumb as wet crackers for caulking and I open carry only in 2 places: At the range and at home.  That out of the way I want to address the issue within the gun community known as Open Carry = Stupidity. If Open Carry is legal in your state and you want to do it, fine with me since it is your right, God Bless and you will have my support 100% because it is your right. What is royally pissing me off is the name-calling and infighting of some in the Concealed Carry against Open Carry bands and the obvious responses from the Open crowd.

Let’s be clear about Open Carry. It is not the question of tactically sound practices but of Civil Rights and to oppose Open Carry just because it makes your inner Black Nylon Ninja cringe is not reason enough to oppose it. Actually you are no better than Chuck Schummer or Sarah Brady when you voice your “tactical” concern. If you oppose Open Carry you are just pulling a Jim Zumbo by badmouthing on our right.

The Chicken Littles are eager to point out that Open carry is scaring normal people and that results in police interventions and bad press for the cause. That sounds pretty much like people complaining about niggers interloping with the withe folks in common areas exclusively reserved for Whites. Yes I make it sound bad because it is that bad and this is no time to be pulling punches about it. We must support all Law Abiding Citizens’ choice of weapon and methods of carrying just as we must support the First Amendment rights of every Che, Barrack and Pelosi out there no matter how disgusted we could become.

That is not to say that some in the Open Carry crowd are without sin. I have seen in forums the glee which some OC people have in confronting Law Enforcement and making them look bad in their ignorance of the law. This is very counterproductive for us too and I believe it will erode the confidence of the rank & file police officer that was either with us from the beginning or came around after realizing that CCW was not such a dumb idea and figured out that those citizens were not only the least of their problems but supporters of LEOs.

So boy and girls on both sides of the carrying issue, CHILL!

Projectile Vomiting? How about just projectiles?

You will find the following instructions and several variations in the websites of various police departments and rape prevention groups:

Choices if it happens to you:

  • There is no right or wrong way to respond. Here are some options to consider.
  • Escape: Have a plan in mind and think it through. Use a surprise move to distract the attacker in order to get away.
  • Defend yourself: Self-defense may be useful IF you are adept at it; it is useful only if you are ready to use it immediately. Often there is not time to use it effectively or you have not practiced it for some time. If you choose to use it, hit to hurt; run fast toward help and don’t look back. Eyes, nose, throat, knees, shin, foot and groin are effective areas to hit.
  • Draw attention: Yell loudly, blow a whistle, break a window, make a scene and yell assertively. Yelling “Fire!” will bring more attention than yelling “Help!”
  • Stall for time: Pretend to cooperate until you can get near people or possibly escape.
  • Pretend you are crazy.
  • Throw up.
  • Talk your way out. Try to get the assailant to see you as a person rather than an object by telling him/her about yourself. Don’t plead or bargain with the assailant.

Throwing up as defensive method? Now that is peculiar. No, it is not peculiar, it is stupid! That somebody even had the time to think such retarded and infantile things denotes a deep disconnection to reality and a really politically inclined view on how things are supposed to be according to an anti gun agenda. Nothing stops an attacker better that the high velocity incursion of pieces of metal in the innards of a rapist.

At least there is one group out there that gives women the whole spectrum of self-defense: Arming Women Against Rape & Endangerment (AWARE) is a Massachusetts organization that offers women from how to be aware of your surroundings to avoid being attacked, to training with lethal and Less than Lethal weapons and that is a novel approach in the world that is killing and maiming killing women by political correctness’s idiocy.

Domestic Abuse best served unarmed.

Domestic Abuse best served unarmed.
Originally posted April 27th, 2008.
I found this little tidbit in the website Helpguide.org. Please click on the picture to view full size and check the highlighted part.

Click on the image for full size

So let me get this straight: You have been a defenseless victim and, in order to avoid having the pulp beaten out of your brain, you must continue to be defenseless to avoid injury? Am I the only one who actually sees the colossal stupidity behind these “instructions”?

But the little voice in my head that goes by the name of Reason clamors: “Miguel, some people might not understand why you are so mad. You better explain.” I begrudgingly must grant the point so here it is: When confronted in a home invasion situation, those of us who are into the Personal Defense side of gun ownership, are taught that we must go to a room where we can lock ourselves with our gun(s), and wait for the Bad Guy to either go away or be ready to stop him if he decides to bust in that final door. Having a cell phone to call police is better because Bad Guys actually are known for cutting regular phone lines and leaving victims with a dead piece of cheap plastic and electronics to call nobody for help. If that happens, it is nice to have an actual piece of equipment that would be activated at a moment’s notice and stop the intruder rather than an electronic gadget that will either record for posterity the moment of your death, or do basically nothing to stop the attack.

Although somewhat dissimilar both Home Invasion and Domestic Abuse do run under the same principal: you are attacked by somebody at home, where you are supposed to be safe, by somebody who might have the advantage of initiative, surprise and/or power. Your life is at stake and the consequences of inaction can be deadly. You must act with the tools and strength required to stop the attack. Saying “Please Don’t Hurt Me” is not going to keep you safe.

So the fact that this article does nothing to empower the victim of domestic abuse when attacked by her abuser. It only ensures that the cycle of violence repeats over and over because we are not politically incorrect enough to show the victim how to stop being one. That is offensive and irresponsible. And that is why I am mad. Political Correctness Kills People.

The Lone Sheepodog.

The Lone Sheepdog.
Originally posted July 31st, 2008
In some Gun Forums, the now famous On Sheeps Wolves and Sheepdogs article seems to create furor among the ranks. Some identify with it, some take umbrage at calling those less than aware Sheep, some who serve or served in the Military or Law Enforcement communities seem to believe that it does not apply to those who are not in their groups and some think it is a Ramboesque thing that wannabes spout. I never served, I am not LEO. I am a Citizen. I know “I don’t get it” because I wasn’t there but I get things others don’t. I am a Lone Sheepdog. Like many modern Sheepdogs, I started as Sheep, a believer in the goodness of Mankind and with the hopes of a better World. However life taught me differently and, in my case, my eyes were finally and totally opened by the death in my arms of a dear friend who was killed by roaming Wolves. I swore then I would do my best to avoid that same situation or die fighting so I began the process of learning to become a Sheepdog and I still do every day.

And you know what? A Citizen Sheepdog is a lonely endeavor. We must provide for our guns, our ammo and our training. We must walk alone the streets without back up a radio call away or the support a squad of friendly sheepdogs with more guns and even air support which the Wolves shy away from while they look and seek me since I am alone or with my family. Wolves are not afraid of Civilians since most are sheep ready for the picking but turn around and hide if they see a black and white or a Humvee. But since I look like the other Sheep, I can be targeted at any time with any degree of violence and I must respond to save my life or the lives of my loved ones.

And it something happens and I am succesful in defending myself, a new wave of attack begins. I will be interviewed by Police and Prosecutors and if I am unlucky I will be seen as aWolf. The Press will try to crucify me as a wild predator, thirsty for blood. Friends and Family might see me as Cain, the slayer of the Brother now holding the Mark of the Beast in my forehead. I will have to reach into my savings for a lawyer if a politically hungry prosecutor decides to make me his campaign issue: No FOP or Union Lawyer for me, no Laws Of Warfare apply to me, I will get the brunt of the Sheep Law as I was some scum of the Earth.

And yes, I call them Sheep because they are Sheep. I was one, see? Lots of them had the same warnings I did, sit with me in the same lunch rooms watching news reports on TV about the horrible things Wolves are doing to the flock and they just moan and complain about needing more Sheepdogs to defend them. The thought of becoming Sheepdogs themselves is bothersome at best or frightening at worst. They refuse to take the responsibility because it is too cumbersome and too dangerous and prefer to ignore the world out there and its dangers till it is too late and then complain and seek justice as long as someone else does the dirty work.

And please, do not construe this as a criticism of Soldiers and Cops: God knows their jobs are hard enough and they could not pay me enough to do them. But then again I ask you to understand that we are faced every day with the evil you fight since it seeks us. We are not Rambos or Jack Bauers or Chuck Norrises, we are Joe and Tom and Rick and Mary and Sylvia, every guy and gal who lives next door, has a lawn, flowers and a pot belly and roots in their hair and loves his or her family but must stand alone when the Wolves come howling in the middle of the night.

It is scary but we swallow hard and face the Wolves. I do hope you understand.

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