Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

Working on a Gun Free Zone

(Originally Posted on January 10th, 2008)

I recently had coffee with a young lady of my acquaintance and she was upset. It seems that she works at a gun free zone workplace and, worried about her safety asked the Security Officer what was he supposed to do in case of a Bad Guy or Nutjob attacking the place. The answer given by the Security Officer was “I’ll call 911 and be a good witness.”

At first she thought he was joking but his face told her otherwise. He went on to explain that all he was required and ordered by the corporation to do was to call police and be a good witness. He went on to say that he was an unarmed Security Officer and that the corporation forbids associates to have any type of weapon on property and that includes Security Officers so defending oneself or anybody else against a Bad Guy is out of the question. Also, weapons are not allowed in personal vehicles so even if an associate might happen to be in the parking lot and hears the attack, he/she would be summarily fired for having a gun even if the life of the CEO was spared by his/her actions according to corporate policy.

About the only advice the Security Officer could give her was to run as far away and as fast as possible from the location or, if she could not to find a corner, bend over , put her head between her legs and….

You know the rest.

We are the New Negroes.

(Originally posted on January 10th, 2008)

Yes, the title is there to induce shock. If you are not aware, there is a segment of the population that is being discriminated because they chose to take responsibility for their self-defense. The people being discriminated are law abiding citizens who are vetted by State and Federal governments to carry a concealed weapon and yet, they are not allowed to access places that even felons can go into because they carry a weapon for their self-defense.

If you do not carry a concealed weapon, allow me to explain the feeling. Once we made the decision to carry, we must apply for a permit. This usually involves taking a class with a certified instructor and pass an exam, have your picture and fingerprints taken, fill paperwork and send everything to the government so they can verify you are not a Bad Guy. Once the government is satisfied and your information entered in a database, you receive a small ID card which says you are not a nutjob or a felon and can carry a concealed weapon.

Now you think your troubles are over, not so. You see, there is this erroneous conviction perpetuated by those who hate the idea of guns in the hands of civilians that we are an unsafe bunch. In their eyes we are a pack of bloodthirsty animals itching for a fight so can notch our guns with a body count. To calm their fears, politicians banned certain places from anybody who carried a concealed weapon: Schools, Bars, Restaurants, public parks, etc. and in some states, they allowed owners to ban the access to their business as we were some kind of lepers that should be kept outside so we would not infect other people. These places became known as Gun Free Zones.

The concept behind the Gun Free Zones, according to the Anti Gunners was to provide a safe haven from those NRA wackos that carry guns everywhere. They sold the idea hard and long guaranteeing that people would be safe from attacks because the law said so. Instead they created a perfect slaughterhouse for the real crazies that roam our streets and the criminals that like nothing else than a good group of unarmed victims.

So when I see a sign like the one above I am insulted. Why am I being treated like a second class citizen? I have demonstrated my desire of independence by not relying on the government for my safety. I have jumped through the legal hoops to demonstrate I am a Good Guy. I spent money on a quality weapon and gear to protect myself and my loved ones. and yet, I am treated like a pariah because some idiots fail to see the difference between reality and their own impotent fears and in the process they put innocent people at risk by allowing the true sick and the criminals a target rich environment for their misdeeds and mayhem..

Gun Free Zones are nothing more than a modern-day Jim Crow. This has to stop. Now.

Pink Gun For Cancer Research

Pink Gun
Pink Gun

By the way of Larry Correia of Monster Hunter Nation, we have the unique opportunity to help in the research against Breast Cancer and at the same time have a chance to lay our hands on the gift that will make the females in or lives happy.

I am going to paste directly from Larry’s blog for all the relevant info so pay attention and participate!

FBMG is proud to announce that we’re raffling a gun to benefit breast cancer research. All proceeds will be donated to the American Cancer Society. The winner will be announced at our 3rd Annual fun shoot on October 4th.

Tickets are $5 each. They can be ordered in person at FBMG, online at http://www.fbmginc.com/Breast-Cancer-Raffle-AR-15_p_1-8969.html , paypal at slg2qcorreia@yahoo.com, or over the phone at (801) 571-1160. Tickets will be on sale until October 4th.

All federal, state, and local laws apply. If the winner is not a Utah resident, then it is the winner’s responsibility to find an FFL for us to transfer the gun to. The winner is responsible for all local transfer fees. If the winner is a resident of a state with sucky gun laws, we’ll do what we can to make the gun compliant, but if you’re a resident of California or someplace equivelent, we can sell it for you and send you a check.

FBMG has donated a Stag 15 rifle. Our gunsmith, www.gundoctor.wordpress.com has done a custom pink Duracoat paint job. The pictures above are not the finished product, as he still needs to touch it up and apply the final clear coat. Once that is done we’ll do up some glamour shots, but the reaction was so great to the original posting that we had to hurry and put this up.

To all the gunbloggers who have linked to this, thank you. This is for a great cause, and we’re looking forward to raising a bunch for charity.