Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

David Hogg rewrites history for relevance and ego.

If there has been a case in Florida researched and put under different microscopes, it has been the Parkland shooting and the life of Nikolas Cruz. Not once I recall hear or read anywhere that Cruz was some sort of card-carrying Nazi/White Supremacist while the evidence has proved in its immensity that he is actually carrying a nest of rats in his brainpan and the authorities knew about it.  So, I guess David is making stuff up to remain “relevant” and not embarrass Harvard or whatever “Higher” education school he was let in because it was a woke political move.

Knowing that (among many others laws broken that day) murder is against the law, illegal use of deadly force is against the law, bringing a gun to school is against the law, possession of a firearm by a mentally defective person is against the law, the question remaining is, what gun law not in the books does Hogg think would have stopped Cruz?

Total ban on ownership would be my answer. Rephrase that: total ban on ownership by the little people. The “elites” would be spared from such ban because they know better than the rest of us.

Hell, I would be willing to bet a whole dollar that David does have at least one gun.  Probably gifted by daddy or straw-purchased so there is no record of him ever getting one.

We need to bring back Medicinal Slapping

I remember in my youth when the movement to ban the word “hysterics” caught on.  It was supposed to be inelegant, inappropriately machista and not adjusted to medical reality.

Then again, maybe not.

Holy crap! That is a full attack of the hysterics in anybody’s book.

Aleatory Ruminations for 9/23/2022

Damn! Cool weather has arrived. 50 degrees when I got out a while ago. This is one of the reasons we moved up here.

I know, in 3 months I’ll be bitching about the cold, but not today.

If there is any indication how low the trust for the COVID boosters has dropped, a friend of mine who works at a senior assisted facility commented that those who are not fully vaccinated (Original plus boosters) are required to test for chink flu twice a week. In his estimation by the pile of tests being run during those days, more than 85% of the personnel (mostly medical like nurses, assistants and therapists) are not “fully vaccinated” either.


I hate tight tolerances in defensive firearms. I bought an aftermarket barrel from a well-known company for my frankengun and it will not fully seat my 9mm reloads and some commercial plinking ammo. My other guns run fine with any 9mm I feed them (except the PT92 which for some reason goes Jam-O-Matic with S&B 115 grains). Now I have to buy a regular barrel for the gun or change my dies’ settings to create a perfect batch for that barrel.




Hear me out: I was loaned a bolt action in 22LR. It is fun and good practice for the big calibers. Plus, they run subsonic ammo without any issues, and it sounds like a cap gun.



A Double Justice Standard will not allow the nation to survive.



And truthfully, Amazon ain’t that far behind.



And in closing, be careful what you wish for.

Forget the FB Gulag, go straight to the FB Basement. (UPDATE)

I have been suspended.

I am guessing some mean memes butthurted the FB Community Standards Agents and required the use of Preparation H and tampost to salve.


I did appeal, let’s see what happens.


I’ll be in MeWe for the time being – MIGUEL GONZALEZ (GFZ)


UPDATE: I have been reinstated.

I am still under restriction because they interpreted the photo of a stuntman wearing a flame-retardant suit and covered in fire as “self-harm”