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The Honorable Guest Poster: David Cole.

OK, this is getting out of hand. Before anyone gets spun up about this legislation being some sort of stealth gun control, you need to be aware of who is selling you this.

Congressman Massie has NEVER supported HR 38 since its introduction. He has NEVER signed on as a co-sponsor to the bill, long before “Fix NICS” had anything to do with it. I know this because I am a constituent of Massie’s, and when I discovered that he was not a co-sponsor of HR 38, I called his office to ask why.

I was informed by his staff that the Congressman did in fact NOT support HR 38 for various reasons (none of them having anything to do with Fix NICS), and that he would NOT be co-sponsoring the bill.

Fast forward to last week, when HR 38 finally made it out of committee, and now the ostensibly pro-2A Massie has to face the possibility that he will have go on record as voting “no” on national concealed carry reciprocity. And all of a sudden today, he alerts frightened gun owners of the boogeyman of Fix NICS coming to get them.

Consider that if public sentiment were to suddenly swing against HR 38 because of the appearance of this boogeyman…pro- 2A Congressman Massie no longer is facing scrutiny for voting against reciprocity. Instead, he is hailed as a modern day Paul Revere, warning us all of the redcoats’ approach, and voting “no” on national reciprocity only to save us from the loss of our rights.

Do yourself a favor, and read the bill for yourself. It’s only 28 pages. Don’t simply regurgitate and re-post the opinion of a politician trying to mask his true position.

Help for Erin Palette

The creator of Operation Blazing Sword that has taught the LGBQT community how to shoot,  has been injured.

“This morning, my friend Erin Palette was mauled by a dog. Several bites on the face did considerable functional and cosmetic damage. She’s just now back from the hospital. The ER bill is substantial. She received reconstructive surgery quickly, and has an excellent prognosis, but having your face stitched together isn’t cheap.

She could use our help.”

Go to the GoFundMe link and assist if you can. 


What I think about on Independence Day

Well, it’s Independence Day 2017. Usually as it’s just the halfway point of the calendar year, I like to take stock of what’s taken place in the 2A community, and in our world as a whole. The Big thing of course is a President who is supposedly has committed himself to fixing this country’s ills. Next was that this President appointed a former Marine General as Secretary of Defense, and a former Navy Seal as Secretary of the Interior who rode to his first day of work on a horse, then repealed that stupid lead ammo ban!


But make no mistake folks, the Anti-rights crowd still wants to keep you from enjoying your firearms, keep you from Hunting if you so desire, keep you from carrying a handgun for personal protection, and keep you from having a firearms for protection in your home, and in your car.

So it’s up to you to be vigilant. It’s up to you to support candidates who will protect our rights, because it doesn’t happen without you.


You need to call your Senators and Congressmen because they are elected to enact laws that WE want enacted, not to “vote their feelings” on laws. Not to live in fancy houses and claim that $174,000 a year is not enough money to live on when were about to hit 20 Trillon in debt.


After Congressman Scalise was shot, another Congressman introduced a bill that would allow any Member of either house if they so desired, to carry a handgun for protection, even in DC. So I Say, “WHAT ABOUT ME” why can’t the “Average American” who has a CCW permit in his home state, have the ability to carry anywhere in the United States? Well that Bill, H.R. 38 sits not in Committee, but in Sub-Committee!!


To say that I’m outraged is putting it mildly. Did we not elect a Pro-Firearm majority House and Senate? I thought we did it so we could fix the country as the President promised. Not for the Liberal whiners to screw it up. Chuck Schumer and his stupid actress/comedy hack cousin Amy can prattle on all they want, but we have control of the country at least until 2020 and we better get off our rear ends or we will give control of our country back to the Socialists!


This is how I get when I don’t get to shoot! I’m recovering from a concussion back at the end of April, where I also broke a bone in my wrist of my shooting hand, so with my 57th Birthday approaching, I’m looking forward to getting down to my indoor range to shoot (Shameless plug approaching) since we’re entering our 21st day of +100 degree temps, and the only climate controlled, six 25 yard pistol lane, 4 100 yard rifle lane Shooting Range (also 50 yard Archery range!) is Copper Star Indoor Shooting range in Camp Verde Arizona. Sometimes I like Indoor ranges like this one because you can almost duplicate a situation like what you might encounter at your house during a home invasion.


Family run, Veteran owned businesses like this are important to our

Industry, so during the warmer months I like to get there every 10-14 days. The shop reminds me of the shop my Uncle was a part owner of in the 1960’s and 70’s. I hope you get to shoot this summer. Please observe the 4 safety rules. A few weeks ago I got to be a guest panelist on the Polite Society Podcast, with Paul & Susan Lathrop, Rob Morse, Rachel Malone, and others. I also host my own Podcast, Firearms Chat. Both can be found on iTunes, Facebook, and both, along with several other shows, can be found on Self Defense Radio Network at and my show is and our show is approaching our 4th anniversary. We look forward to you checking us out! Thanks.

About Dr. Bill Chachkes- A Retired Educator, Patriot, former Competition Shooter who still competes with his 22’s,  Ex-Rotary and Propeller winged Pilot, Sportswriter, Musician, and former US Army Warrant Officer. His Second Book, titled “I’m No Hero” is in Development, and hopefully will be out in late 2017/Early 2018

From the Bureau of ATF: Box Whine and #GunSense

For as long as I’ve been scouring Twitter’s entertaining #GunSense tag, any time I’ve come across a phony “mom” demanding “action” (or worse, a real mom so resigned to being helpless that she’s actually emdangering the only things on earth she ought to risk it all to save), I’d typically just seagull the thread long enough to poop out the following image. It pretty much sums up Bloomberg’s city-dwelling, terrified, out-of-touch, vaguely female clientele and its uniformly uninformed opinion about safety and defense:


I dont know who came up with that, but it’s a classic. And like most classics, there’s now a remake with better special effects and a bigger budget, plus some corporate product placement for good measure. And unlike the sewage pouring steadily out of Hollywood, this one’s actually better than the original (or at least as good). Save it to your online ammo box and hit ’em where it hurts:



Hat tip D. Mike.

reflections of an 07

Hey y all. Been wicked busy with my “real” job. I will have some more chrome shop stuff for ya soon.

Mean while a few thoughts:  America, what does it mean to YOU? Think about this question before you answer it, seriously think.

The mass media hysteria is dominating everything and easily leading people astray so they miss what is really going on. Look around you, do you want to lose everything? This , whether we like it or not is a fight for America.  The ones in power want to stay in power and they dont give a royal rip about us. It is time to get involved, speak up. Back story- the state where I live has no helmet law for motorcycles, has for ever. Years ago,  some buddies and I were bullshitting and joking around after a ride. Some one brought up helmet laws and a guy said, “they will put helmets on us soon enough”.. RIGHT, with THAT attitude they will.. point? We can not sit here and whine and bitch and do nothing. Get out and talk to everyone. Stop watching the “news” most of all stop BELIVING  the news. No Trump is not a great choice..but whats the alternitive?  My only fear is he is a plant to ensure you know who gets in office. Remember the phone call?  Start in your local, got a mouthy dem? Vote them out. State senators? Vote them out. Stop letting dems get their way, speak out. For Gods sake, now we have people whining about the Gadson flag is “racist” because Gadson owned slaves.. start waving it!! Nuff said… out here.

From the Bureau of ATF: Apple Shoots Down Gun Emoji

Oh, Apple.

A while back, the company dipped its toe into the #GunSense* arena by banning images of firearms from game previews inside its App Store, leading to hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue for developers of popular first-person shooters, side-scrollers, military-themed strategy games and, ultimately, Apple itself. Since money trumps phony morals, that particular policy was deep-sixed faster than a disarmed serf** on a French promenade.

Now, following news of Tim Cook’s $50,000-a-plate fundraising dinner for the most rabidly antigun Presidential candidate this side of ever, Apple’s taking its anti-rights acitivism one step further: The company is getting rid of the kinda-sorta-realistic revolver emoji and replacing it with a neon green water gun.

A freaking water gun!


From Popular Science:

On its website, Apple says it wants to “ensure that popular emoji characters reflect the diversity of people everywhere.” And with millions of people using emoji in their daily communications, even the smallest changes will have significant impacts on our conversations. Apple’s stances on emoji can’t help but have political ramifications, in other words.

In this case, the change to the squirt gun emoji comes two years after a social media campaign called #DisarmTheiPhone was launched by advocacy group New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, with the goal of pressuring Apple to drop support for the revolver emoji.

Previously, Apple was reported to have pressured the emoji masters of the universe —the Unicode consortium, an international standards body — to drop plans to add a rifle emoji to the set.


OK, two things:

One, Popular Science is attributing this decision to the wrong entities, essentially declaring victory for the so-called #DisarmTheiPhone “movement” and its partner group NYAGV. In reality, #DisarmTheiPhone was and remains a trivial Twitter hashtag campaign that was abandoned about a week after it launched.


Similarly, the association alleged to be behind it likely had zero influence on Apple’s decision (potential Bloomberg puppet strings notwithstanding), as this is a change that’s been a long time coming for the California company. As noted, Apple is and has been consistently antigun, terrified of individual responsibility and self reliance in the interconnected world its future profits depend so dramatically upon. There is globalism, and there is tech globalism. It’s a tossup as to which version is more patently stupid.

Two, while this move will have no impact whatsoever on its PC purpose to “reduce gun violence,” it does have the rather insidious potential to make light of a serious matter in the minds of hundreds of millions of children and young adults the world over. See, water guns are toys. Kids point them at their friends and pull the trigger. But real guns — for which this naive nonsense will be substituted in the Pictionary-style communication that is emoji — are not toys. Far from it, firearms are potentially dangerous tools, deadly to the innocent when used improperly. And that improper usage, on a very basic level, is all Apple is encouraging with this move. When Johnny 10-Year-Old, raised on emoji and iDevice, finds a bright green gun or some zombie-themed Hornady hollow-points, he might not take those things too seriously. Indeed, like all such efforts to censor firearms from public consumption, the sole upshot (hopefully not into some poor kid’s developing brain) is the creation and curation of ignorance. Abstinence — and that’s all this really amounts to — doesn’t make children safer. It makes the taboo more mysterious, more enticing, and less familiar. If you want your kid to get the clap, never teach them about sex. If you want your kid to get banged, never teach them about guns.


Of course, Apple will never truly put its money where its progressive advocacy is. The company won’t ban games or apps where guns feature prominently, and you’ll still be able to buy John Wick and Deadpool from iTunes. Better, you’ll continue to have access to great firearms resources, retail stores, and auction sites through iOS’ Safari browser. Sure, you could protest this decision and boycott Apple (knowing, of course, that Google and Microsoft and Amazon et al. are no better on gun rights), but there is no more poignant mockery of such half-hearted #GunSense than to use the very tools built by these various anti-rights companies against them. Hell, I’m writing this post on an iPad, and I just used my iPhone to order 4000 rounds of remanufactured 124-grain 9mm JHP from Freedom Munitions.

Anyways, now that Apple has banned the scary, deadly, mass-murder-promoting cartoon handgun from its emoji lineup, I think it’s only fitting — and morally consistent — that the company also honor the hundreds of thousands of yearly victims whose deaths are likewise “represented” in the standard emoji alphabet. That is to say, as far as I can tell, Apple at the very least must now get rid of the following:

⚡️ ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ✈️ ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ⛪️ ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Lightning, explosions, junk food, booze, vehicles, greed, hammers, bombs, knives, tobacco, pills, drugs, drownings, hospitals, doctors, houses of worship, various deadly critters, and hands and feet take countless lives annually, together (and many even separately) dwarfing the roughly 2000 innocents killed each year with firearms.

Worse, if one utilizes emoji combinations, one can get mighty specific about some mighty terrible events. Consider ✈️?? or ?? or ??‍?‍?‍??. How delightfully subversive! We all probably know someone who’s been killed by ??, too. And just recently, ??? made the news.

Looking at that last icon above, a thought occurs: nothing has been more responsible for killing more innocent people over the last (insert huge number here) years than government. Thus, I expect Apple to firmly and boldly address the number-one killer of man in their next update and ban these odious symbols:

?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??

I just have one more thing to say:



*A blending of the term “gun control” and the word “nonsense.”

**I am aware that “disarmed serf” is a redundancy. I just happen to like the way it sounds.

***I dont know if Apple added this emoji for its users or for itself. Both seem appropriate. Up mine? Up yours, Cook and Co.

Reuters and Washington Post: Journalism and Propaganda

Hello everyone, tonight I have two articles to talk about. Reuters’ article is over police wanting to be able to dictate over open carry laws. Washington Post’s article is over U.S.A. citizens living in Japan, which feels allegedly “like a haven” in comparison over gun crime.

Reuters’ reporter remained neutral and reported over how some police want to have the ability to regulate open carry of firearms, such as the desire of some to restrict it for Cleveland during the Republican National Convention right now. Open-carry advocates were included throughout and how being able to open carry is a right. (I do have things to say about this article, but it wouldn’t be anything all that impressive.)

The Washington Post article is comparing apples and oranges by comparing Japan’s gun homicide number to the United States of America’s number. According to them, the numbers were 1 to 13,000. “Japan has the lowest rate of gun deaths in the developed world, while the United States has the highest.” Now this is gold. Compare a country were owning a gun is a crime with apparently harsh penalties to a country were owning a gun is a right. Of course the U.S.A. has a higher rate, we simply have more guns in the population. The article continues on to use emotions of past events and false impressions.


The reporter decided to relay some people’s personal stories. Now, I do believe personal stories are good to know. It gives the vibe of how some people feel about an event. It does not always consider the whole picture of something. The article is solely focused on American citizens who are not sure about moving back to their home country after fear of mass shootings. The first story is over Sibyl Kane, who was about to fly to Newark. She allegedly has to drive past Sandy Hook Elementary, which is “a reminder that “no place is immune.” She also said, “If Americans are okay with that, that says something about us as a society that is so profoundly disturbing, it’s hard for me to parse out where I fit into it.”

From this logic, I suppose that if something happens, then people are okay with it? Who has ever said that a mass shooting was okay? There is no “If Americans are okay with that”- we aren’t. We can’t all agree on how to deter these acts in the future, but none of us are okay with it.

Emotional one-liners follow. Things like, “I’d rather explain a natural disaster than a shooter lockdown” and “I know shootings are rare, but why play Russian roulette?”

Apparently the Japanese government released a travel warning after the Orlando shooting and shootings in Baton Rouge, Falcon Heights, and Dallas.

One man was covered who said he wanted to return home because he felt helpless by being so far away.


So, Abigail Leonard, the Washington Post reporter, went all out on making Japan sound so much better than the U.S.A. based off of gun crime- which is extremely hard to compare when talking about culture, population size, geographic, history, and gun ownership differences. I didn’t see a comparison over suicide rates? Or mention of ethnic or other diversity, poverty, or any other factors of violence.

My final thoughts are: try to see a bigger picture of what you are looking at, and don’t give false impressions about other perspectives.


On that note, I leave you tonight and will be back tomorrow to pick up on it. It is late, and I need some sleep.


Update: I originally forgot sources!

Reuters Article

Washington Post Article