Baby Trump Blimp coming to America.

Some enterprising Liberal from New Jersey is ordering one and plans to have it touring the country or at least Eastern USA.

Now, I have seen friends and acquaintances in Social Media talking about shooting at the floating idiocy everything from .22LR subsonic to arrows and even crossbow bolts. Some want them attached to drones. People please, you have to be reasonable: Use air guns with the proper projectile:

That is all, you can resume your strategy plans.

8 Replies to “Baby Trump Blimp coming to America.”

  1. Bullets won’t work- it’s a fabric item like a bouncy castle.
    I say let the idiots parade their little childish protest toy through the streets

  2. Think of the photo-op. Take it to southen Wyoming and take selfies in front of one of the wind farms. Choose a nice windy day (not that hard to find there). Most likely the wind will rip the balloon out of the snowflake’s hands and into a nearby bird cuisinart.

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