Back in the Saddle: Clearing the Water

Hello everyone. It’s Laredo, and I have been moving into a new house. I apologize for vanishing without a word. Just as well, I have been thinking a lot about what to write about. I don’t want to write a bunch of blogs just to be active. I want to write material that is thought out and provides what I see as usefulness. So today I want to go over a little bit of the most common problems with gun debates that I see: misinformation.


First and foremost, assault rifles are actually rifles that have the capability of fully automatic fire, or at least just burst fire. These assault rifles have a switch that will have a few options for firing. Safety, single shot, burst shot, and full auto. This ability is called “select fire”. (Thanks to the comment below for the clarification)

Gun violence. This phrase gives the notion that guns cause violence, which is misleading and false. When a person is beat to death by someone’s hands and feet, we do not hear about physical violence. Aside from that, I am not likely to use my guns for harm. I would only use my guns to shoot a human being if he or she is an immediate threat to me or my own. Owning a firearm does not make me want to rob a store.

Gun free zones. These zones follow the notion that anyone who carries a gun is a danger to society. Look to the Texas Department of Public Safety HCL conviction rates to see that most people who carry are not a danger to society. These zones will make law-abiding citizens be disarmed. At the same time, someone looking to break the law is usually not physically restrained from carrying a gun into the zone. A courthouse would be extremely difficult to get into with a gun not being noticed. A college campus, which is usually made up of multiple buildings and allows entry from any direction, would be easy to get into with a gun unnoticed.

Mandatory classes for permits. If you do not want to go to a class, then you might not learn much when you go. You can’t learn much in one session anyway, especially when it won’t be a one-on-one experience. People should practice with their firearms often, and I would suggest learning about the laws of their states and what to do after using a firearm for self-defense. Someone might argue that what I said means that mandatory classes should be taken often. However, that would be further intrusion upon the right to bear arms. Such an action would see strong opposition. It would also



This will be all for today as I have a busy day ahead. I hope you all are doing fine, and I will be back tomorrow.



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  1. I would point out that the “but not always” on assault rifle select fire is more like an “always”. The actual definition is that an assault rifle is “select-fire” to be an assault rifle. However, “select-fire” also includes rifles where “burst” takes the place of “full auto”.

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