From the Utica Observer-Dispatch in upstate New York.

THE LATEST: 2 identified in Deerfield shooting

State police have released the names and additional details of two people killed following a burglary Tuesday afternoon on Walker Road.

Troopers said Patricia Talerico, 57, of Utica, was pronounced dead at the scene and her nephew Nicholas Talerico, 27, of Utica, was taken to the St. Elizabeth campus of the Mohawk Valley Health System where he later died.

The family that burgles homes together gets transported to the morgue together.

The call — which originally was listed as a home invasion in the 1600 block of Walker Road — came into the Oneida County 911 site shortly before 3 p.m.

Troopers said the suspects were in a garage area of the home when they were shot by the homeowner Ronald Stolarczyk, 64, with an illegal handgun, a revolver.

Stolarczyk was arrested and charged with criminal possession of a firearm, troopers said, and was held in Oneida County jail Tuesday night awaiting centralized arraignment.

I have done some searching online and I have found no evidence that Stolarczyk has hand any prior convictions that made him a prohibited person.

“They (Patricia and Nicholas Talerico) were dropped off for the purpose of committing a burglary,” said state police public information officer Trooper Jack Keller.

Details about what was possibly being stolen were not immediately available.

Keller added that state police have located a large quantity of items in Nicholas Talerico’s apartment that included several older long guns, video gaming systems and bicycles.

On Wednesday morning, police were working to determine if the items were reported to area police departments as stolen.

The state police were assisted by the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office and the Oneida County District Attorney’s Office.

Additional comment from the district attorney’s office was not immediately available. The investigation is ongoing, police said.

According to WKTV local news in Utica, the two victims had long criminal histories.

Police found items belonging to Stolarczyk in another home Tuesday night. Oneida County District Attorney Scott McNamara says police are trying to determine if the two robbed Stolarczyk’s home about a week ago.

“A truckload of evidence was seized last night. At this point, we have to determine whether or not that was evidence that had been taken from this residence on a prior occasion,” McNamara said.

The Oneida County Sheriff’s Office released past booking photos of Patricia and Nicholas, saying that both have criminal records.

Patricia Talerico had been arrested more than 20 times in the past, and Nicholas Talerico was arrested on more than one occasion.

WKTV also shed some light on the illegal status of Stolarczyk’s gun.

Stolarczyk is facing charges for using his deceased father’s gun to kill the two, which he never registered to himself.

According to, Leon Stolarczyk (Ronald Stolarczyk’s father) was retired from the Utica Fire Department and passed away in 2014.

So the totality of the situation seems to be that Ronald Stolarczyk at age 59, inherited his late father’s revolver and never bothered to go through the process of obtaining a New York State Pistol/Revolver License and registering the gun to himself.

Keep in mind that a pistol permit must be re-verified every five years in New York state.

During a home invasion by two habitual scumbags, he shoots them.

Because he had an unregistered revolver, he faces a conviction for criminal possession of a firearm which is a class E non-violent felony.  For this, he faces up to four years in prison, as well as all disenfranchisement associated with a felony conviction.

Knowing the kind of gun-hating tyrannical shits that make up the government of New York, I’d assume that they will look at this elderly man with no criminal history and the benign crime (failing to do the paperwork on a gun he inherited from his retired firefighter father) he committed and throw the fucking book at him expecting an easy win which they can use to inflate their conviction rate.

Going after MS-13 is hard and dangerous work.  Railroading a 64-year-old man over some missed paperwork is a cakewalk.

The sad state of New York is that Stolarczyk would have been better off letting the Talerico crime duo beat him to within an inch of his life than defend himself.

Here is the sick thing.  That he was ONLY arrested on criminal possession of a firearm shows that the cops thought it was a good shoot, otherwise I’m sure they would have added homicide or murder to the charges.

This case is nothing but an illustration of the evils of gun registration.

An old man defending himself from two criminal shit stains in a home invasion would have a happy ending in a free state.

In Andrew Cuomo’s fiefdom, they are going to ruin this man’s life over some missed paperwork after his father’s death.

Those are some evil fucking tyrants that run New York State.


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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “The terrible reality of gun laws in Cuomo’s Fiefdom”
  1. “Because he had an unregistered revolver, he faces a conviction for criminal possession of a firearm which is a class E non-violent felony. For this, he faces up to four years in prison, as well as all disenfranchisement associated with a felony conviction.”

    Don’t be surprised if the state adds two counts of murder, since they died as a direct result of Stolarczyk committing a felony (criminal possession of a firearm).

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