Bad Sportsmanship is taught. Good Sportmanship is also taught.

Children’s Softball game.

Boys’ Soccer Game.

Guess where you don’t see sad behavior like that? Shooting sports!

ZOMG! Kids with guns! Yup, and doing it right.

In many sports, it is no longer about discipline and learning from defeat but win at all costs and without the effort. Everybody is entitled and  will use violence to achieve it.

Hard to be an asshole with competitors carrying shotguns, right?


3 Replies to “Bad Sportsmanship is taught. Good Sportmanship is also taught.”

  1. And remember- most childrens sports they dont keep score and EVERYONE gets a trophy….some days Im really glad I dont have kids…

    1. Having kids is still okay, Curby. It’s sending them to the TPTB indoctrination centers to be schooled by psychopaths is what’s wrong.
      We’ve had generations of kids run through that mill and we’re reaping the whirlwind.
      The first step in getting out of the hole is to stop digging.

      1. Oh I agree, ment nothing negative about kids. My wife has kids and grand kids. I m glad I dont because I would be raisin holy hell with the school board and teachin them at home..

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