Bad week for funerals and remeberances.

As predicted, McCain’s funeral turned out to be a full-blown Trump Bashing affair. Political scum does not change.

But what will probably will go down in history, is Former President Bill Clinton ogling Ariana Grande’s ass during Aretha Franklin’s memorial service.

Even Jessie Jackson seems to be saying “For God’s sake, Bill! It is a fucking funeral! Quit that shit!”

(Yes, I have no idea what was the guy thinking at each instance, but it is a damn funny sequence of pictures)

5 Replies to “Bad week for funerals and remeberances.”

  1. We all knew that these funerals would become a Trump bashfest. It’s always about Trump even when it isn’t. Trump knows and thrives off of this and the Liberals don’t even comprehend they’re doing it and it hurts them in the end, not Trump.

    My MSNBC watching mother, who believes literally everything MSNBC says is absolute truth and factual and thinks that every single Internet commentator is a Russian puppet saw Farrakhan at the funeral. Even she kind of doesn’t like him. She also doesn’t like Al Sharpton either. Before she became totally brainwashed she already knew about the riots he instigated. She wants to like Al Sharpton but she can’t bring herself to do it. Such is the mind of a modern liberal.

      1. I’m pretty sure that clip — of him smiling and laughing, spotting the camera and suddenly tearing up — was from the funeral of a member of his administration. I could be wrong, but think it predates Wellstone.

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