This is from a black music festival on the 4th of July.

Unity is dead.

It is impossible to live in a country you hate so much and feel constantly aggrieved by.

The Left wants a race war. There is no avoiding it.

There will be dark time ahead.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Balkanization is coming”
  1. I would like to post a somewhat long portion of a speech from June 22, 1894 at the Colored High School of Baltimore, given by a black slave Frederick Lloyd, who found a way to rise above the sins of that age, by transitioning himself through hard fought work to eventually become Frederick Douglass.
    There have been many black Americans who have followed his example, his life, and are being erased by the lies of people today…..
    “The Colored People of this country have, I think, made a great mistake of late in saying so much of race and color as a basis of their claims to justice, and as the chief motive of their efforts and action. I have always attached more importance to manhood than to mere identity with any variety of the human family.
    Since emancipation we hear much from our modern colored leaders about race pride, race love, and race effort, race superiority, race men and the like. One is praised for being a race man, and another is condemned for not being a race man. The object is good, but the method is bad. It is an effort to cast out Satan by Beelzebub. The evils that are now crushing us to earth have their root and sap in this narrow spirit of race and color, and we have no more right to foster it than men of any other race. I recognize and adopt no such narrow basis for my thoughts, feelings, or my motives of action.
    It was not the race or the color of the Negro that won for him the battle of liberty. That great battle was won, not because the victim of slavery was a Negro, but because the Negro is, and of right ought to be, a man-a brother to all other men, a child of the common Father of mankind, and, therefore, to be recognized as a subject of government, and entitled to justice, liberty and equality before the law, to education and to an equal chance with all other men in the race of life and in the pursuit of happiness.
    “Hence, at the risk of being deficient in the quality of love and loyalty to race and color, I have in my advocacy of our case, had more to say of manhood, and what is comprehended in manhood, than of the accident of race and color.
    “We should never forget that the ablest and most eloquent voices ever raised in behalf of the black man’s cause were the voices of white men. Not for race, not for color, but for man and for manhood they labored, fought, and died. Away, then, with the nonsense that a man must be black to be true to the rights of black men.”

    1. Today I found that in March of this year, the US Navy cruiser Chancellorsville was renamed Robert Smalls. That means the US currently has two ships named for him — the Army has a transport named Major General Robert Smalls.
      Smalls was a slave whose job was piloting a steamboat around the Charleston area. During the Union blockade, Smalls gathered his family and the other crewmen he could trust and their families, boarded the boat he normally piloted, carefully brought up the steam, then set out towards the blockade line. He knew the channels, and knew the signals because he had been working the boat around the harbor even during the blockade. By the time the Confederates knew what was going on, he was too far away for them to intercept. He handed the boat over to the Union in exchange for getting the families to safety, and then volunteered for military service.
      He was employed as a steamboat pilot, of course. During a battle on the Mississippi the boat’s assigned captain decided the bridge was not his place and went down to the (below the waterline, and this safe from cannonballs) engine room. Smalls took command and brought the ship through. The supposed captain was punished and Smalls was promised a promotion that would make him captain. That made him the first black ship captain in the US Army (river war; it was a bit strange).
      After the war he went into politics and was elected to the US House from South Carolina. He served until the combination of made-up corruption charges and the Democrats rewriting the South Carolina constitution to disenfranchise the freedmen lost him re-election.
      He did a lot more, but he never asked for a hand-out or for favor because of his skin color.
      “My race needs no special defense, for the past history of them in this country proves them to be the equal of any people anywhere. All they need is an equal chance in the battle of life.”
      “I ask that every colored man in the North who has a vote to cast would cast that vote for the regular Republican Party and thus bury the Democratic Party so deep that there will not be seen even a bubble coming from the spot where the burial took place.”

      1. Thanks Crawford, enjoyed that very much. The diversity of people makes the earth a fascinating place to live when all exist within the same moral principles.

  2. Liberals are THE cause of racism in this country.
    It was liberals causing and perpetrating hate that has done the damage. Whatever… liberals can start the “purge” We the People can and will squash it..

  3. What the living F? I stopped after the second line. What is her problem (although I don’t really want to know)?

  4. This is the inevitable outcome of critical race (well, critical anything) theory.
    When you are taught to strictly and solely focus on the negatives to the exclusion of all else, you cannot come to any other conclusion than the system is irreparably broken. This is a generation or two of blacks being taught that the USA hates them, and proof is an occasional racist incident combined with statistical manipulation that “proves” the US is racist.
    That people cheered this is abhorrent. That the organizers said this will be the only anthem they play in the future is even worse.

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