I’ve read about the warlords in Africa and the Middle East that sprang up after bush wars and societal collapse.

The genocide, torture, and inhumane actions carried out by these people will turn your stomach.

The RUF for example chopped off the hands and feet of whole villages.  Elsewhere, boys were forced to rape their mothers and grandmothers as part of their becoming child soldiers.

Then of course, there was the much referenced on this blog, genocide of the Tutsi.  That was carried out almost entirely with machetes.  Image the hatred it takes to kill almost a million people with machetes.

If you don’t think that can’t happen here, it can.

Look at these two potential Woke war lords.

This is naked racism.  How could you share a country with this person with them in power?  This is how racial Balkanization happens.

Now imagine this person on power of a Balkanized state.

This is a future Slobodan Milosevic.

But it gets worse.

This woman shamed a lesbian in getting therapy to acclimatize her into having penetrive sex with a man who identifes as a woman by claiming that a lesbian not wanting to have penetrive sex with a transwoman is transphobic violence.

Then this woman demands payment for her unsolicited psychological manipulation claiming racism and reparations.

This is the sort of psychological manipulation in which child soldiers were forced child soldiers to rape their mothers and shoot their fathers to prove loyalty to a war lord.

Can you share a country with this person?  And imagine what she will do when she runs her own Woke fiefdom.

I healthy society keeps these people in check and out of positions of power.  We are not a healthy society so they rise into positions of power and use it to destroy.

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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “Balkanization is going to happen and Leftist territories will be run by psychotic Woke warlords”
  1. All these idiots would get de-person’ed quick as the real warlords took over. Like that guy in the chaz that had the guns.

  2. These folks are free to rave so long as they live in this permissive society. As soon as things go truly to crap, no one will tolerate their BS.

  3. Just the success of these twats shows the greatness of America. Nowhere else would they be half as successful.

  4. I’m not even able to grasp the convoluted language these people have thrust upon us. I tried reading that and the whole notion of trans whatever and penetrative sex confused me. I still have to actively translate
    Trans Woman, kinda like I have to really think about Single action and double action, though that is starting to be more natural. Took me quite a while to figure out
    Trans Woman
    Isn’t A woman who woke up one day and decided she’s Really a guy.
    So, if I have this right, we’re talking about a Guy
    Who decides he’s Really a woman
    The woman he has become just Happens to be a

    So, what is the take away?

    The dude is a loser who, not only couldn’t get laid, he’s sick and twisted enough to do anything to get in bed with a woman.

    Hey, sicko, if You are Not Wanted, if you aren’t DESIRED, if you have to resort to guilt trips and bullying it won’t matter how many times it
    You will never be happy.

    Your best bet to find happiness in life is to
    Admit to yourself that you suck
    Search your heart for the things that make society push you aside
    Ask God to change you.

    Don’t expect immediate results.
    Decades of prayer may be necessary.

  5. In a real shit scenario, such that violence is prevalent (long term grid down, CW, etc), let either of these two “women” try talking to anyone like that. They will be of use to no one, and have nothing to contribute. Let #2 up there try to explain why someone owes her food or water or anything. She can only say that because we live in a free society (for the most part – seems to be corroding).

  6. I’m old enough to remember when no one, NO ONE, talked-about how they got their sexual jollies. It was verboten conversation.
    How come the change to Everyone talking about what kind of sex they like, over and over.
    It’s disgusting to me.
    If you wanna do it, go ahead. Just don’t give the whole world all these sex details.
    We don’t wanna hear it!
    Degenerates, if you ask me……

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