Watch at your own leisure, but let me give you a preview: It is not a case where the shop owner was inside and they set the place on fire, nope: They poured lighter fluid on him and tried to set him on fire.

The first thing that came to mind was the disgusting practice of “necklacing” (follow the link at your own risk, graphic content) and the thought of people in the US actually trying to burn a fellow citizen alive is just too disgusting to even begin to process.

I got involved in a Facebook discussion about guns (so what is new?) and somebody asked why would anybody need a high-capacity magazine and/or a semi automatic rifle (constitutional reasons apart) . My answer was one worded: Baltimore.

This was the response from one of the individuals engaged in the discussion:

Baltimore Pizza shop 1

This was before I had seen the video. When I did, I returned to the thread and posted it:

Baltimore Pizza shop 2

I am always amazed at the Liberal “caring” mindset: You lose property to vandals, property that you poured who knows how many hours of unpaid labor, missed family time, missed nights and weekends with friends (specially on sports’ finals) because you had to slave over an oven…all that does not count, only the material stuff that can be covered by insurance. And God Forbid that you avoid the fiery ministrations of a crowd by defending yourself since there  might be a risk that somebody else but the firebug might get hit. That those somebodies are called ACCOMPLICES does not seem to process in their tiny little brains.

I do hope the pizza shop owner gets his gun. But that being Maryland, I figure he is facing an uphill trek specially since the same mentality that argued with me last night is the one running the show over there.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

11 thoughts on “Baltimore Riots: Burn the Pizza Guy.”
  1. Tim Ogul makes a good little ignorant, stubborn, obedient and compliant victim. He is low hanging fruit for violent foricble felons.

    The shop owner and any citizen has the legal right to use deadly force immediately on any and all perpatrators attempting to kill with fire – no matter their age or if its against them or a third party until they are no longer a threat.

    1. “The shop owner and any citizen has the legal right to use deadly force immediately”

      Even Baltimore (and places like DC) doesn’t say you can’t defend yourself. They just make it impossible to DO so by keeping you from possessing the tools with which to defend.

  2. Why do they assume that you either have to shoot nobody or everybody? We can aim at particular targets lol, guns aren’t indiscriminate weapons like bombs or something.

  3. He’s also never bothered to read his insurance policies. And never owned a business (awful lot of liberals fit that description, don’t they?). Most standard commercial and homeowners insurance DOES NOT cover your loss in the event of civil unrest or riots, unless you buy a special and, usually, VERY expensive rider. I doubt a pizza joint in Baltimore would turn enough pies to pay for it.

  4. I understand his plight. I work for a couple that are not from here, they were political refugees from Bosnia back in the 90’s. He started out with the company as a delivery driver and they scrimped and saved and sacrificed and finally bought a franchise. If something like this happened here, they would be ruined. He’s got insurance, but like Cheifjaybob said, it won’t cover riots.

    I certainly hope this guy can rebuild his business. All of the hard work he put into it. Just to have it destroyed by a bunch of animals. I would almost guarantee that if Timmy boy was doused with lighter fluid, he’d be firing “indiscriminately” into the crowd to save his own ass. I know I would be. I believe in the old Marine Corps adage, Kill them all and let God sort them out.

    1. Indeed, it is a total failure to say that those around the pizza shop owner are innocent. Ridiculous! Good people do not stand around in a swirling mob of rioting people who are trying to set another human being on fire! As noted, they are accomplices and deserve whatever lead they ingest.

  5. “You lose property to vandals, property that you poured who knows how many hours…”
    Keep in mind that these are Liberal socialists. They hate anybody who actually works for a living. If you lifted yourself up from the ground by your own two hands, then you didn’t need the government’s help for it and are therefore the enemy. If they had their way, every self-made man in the world would be burned at stake for the crime of not relying on the government to wipe himself.

    If I were a rich man(I’ll get there), I would offer to rebuild this guy’s pizza place in full to a grand re-opening state, with 2 provisos.
    1: I get free pizza for life
    2: he moves out of Baltimore.

    He’s too good. Baltimore doesn’t deserve him.

  6. Riots happen because the individuals believe the mass of people shields them from the consequences of their actions. If the risk of harm went from “remote” to “probable”, the riot would never start.

  7. Baltimore made me think of Judicious Use Of Deadly Force (Massad Ayoob) – discussing Disparity of Force, in this case Force of Numbers:

    The reference is ‘Warren on Homicide.’ One of the Warren doctrines is:
    Any member of the mob shares the responsibility of the mob for the fear that the mob has caused. So, when attacked by great numbers, if the shooter misses his intended target – say The Leader- and strikes another member of the mob, fair play goes to the shooter. As an intentional member of the mob, the cripple/corpse established cause for the shooter to fire defensively. As such, the recipient of the bullet has received fair treatment. He shares the general jeopardy which accrues to the criminal from his participation in the mob.

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