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What the actual fuck?

If you live in New York, you just understand that insane, violent, dangerous vagrants are a fact of life.

They patrol the city streets and public transportation.

The city does not keep them in check.

Just don’t make eye contact with them or draw attention to yourself, and hope they pass you hy without assaulting you.

I’ll tell you what comes to mind: battered wife syndrome.

This has to be some sort of emotional damage that people think it’s normal to pay huge sums in taxes to a municipality that does not to deal with dangerous vagrants, and then not to defend themselves and instead hope to be unmolested by trying to be inconspicuous.

This is battered New Yorker syndrome.

And if that’s not enough, there is the New York version of Stockholm syndrome.


When a dangerous vagrant assaults you, it’s your job to assess your own privilege and empathize with and understand the dangerous vagrant because he’s in pain.  More pain than the pain he’s causing you by shoving you head first onto the subway tracks.

If you’re trying to rationalize why you can’t defend yourself and should be submissive to an insane person attacking you, you are emotionally damaged.

The only conclusion I can draw is that living in NYC breaks people down and leaves then all with mental illness.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Battered New Yorker Syndrome”
  1. Defend yourself at your own risk. You’ll be more likely to be arrested than you assailant in the Big Crabapple.

    1. The bourgeoisie are (1) a threat to the Aristocracy, and (2) not on board with the Revolution. So, take your pick: either they’re disgusting peasants who don’t know their place and who undermine the existing socioeconomic order, or they’re obstacles to the violent overthrow of the existing socioeconomic order.

        1. Basically that, yes. But mostly people who get on with their lives in ways that allow them (and their descendants) to get ahead. This Cannot Be Allowed.

  2. They been citified… “ignore the crazy person, maybe they will go away”… another reason to avoid large population centers… one of millions..
    It turns people into mindless robots meekly existing. Fuk em.

  3. Hey I think trying to to engage with and draw the crazy dude/thug/etcs attention is a great strategy. This is exactly why I don’t like being approached by any stranger in public, you don’t know the intent.
    Doing some mental gymnastics to rationalize why safety is bad is not so good.
    Being unprepared to defend yourself, is also not so good.
    Battered NYer syndrome is apt though, these people are so desensitized to the depravity and insanity they don’t have an actual basis of normal anymore so its easy to be like pH that’s crazy Jim the neighborhood lunatic, just toss him a buck and hell leave you alone. Nah he only assaults people sometimes, its cool.

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