As for preparing for the virus itself . . . it’s a virus.  There’s no need to get hysterical about it.  We have experience of something similar every year.  It’s called the common cold!  COVID-19 appears to be more infectious than most of its ilk, but for the vast majority of those who catch it, it appears to produce temporary discomfort rather than a life-threatening condition.  Those most at risk are those with pre-existing conditions that can be made worse by the new infection.  If you suffer from (or have in the past suffered from) coronary or lung problems (former smoker, asthma, COPD, previous infections with severe bronchitis or pneumonia, etc.), or you’re over 60, you’re in a higher-risk group.  As such, take more precautions, and stock up on the same over-the-counter medications you use to deal with the yearly sniffles.  They’ll probably help most of us get through COVID-19 as well.  (I’d also recommend a pneumonia immunization shot, because a severe infection with COVID-19 may lead to that.)

COVID-19: Time for a dose of realism  – Bayou Renaissance Man

As of now and using only the numbers coming out of China and not the more civilized countries, if you catch the Cheap Beer Virus you have a 95.6% of staying alive.

Go read what Peter has to say about this latest madness. Makes a lot of sense.


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By Miguel.GFZ

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