Because, of course, Chicago.


I always keep an ear out for running.

It’s one of those habits I developed, but the sound of someone running up behind me sets off every alarm bell I’m my body.

Get tackled from behind once (school bullying incident) and your brain never forgets it.

And be armed.  Yes, a gun is probably optimal, but many people don’t want that, and there are places where that’s still not an option, so at a very minimum, pepper spray.

Shit is getting wild out there, stay safe.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Be armed and keep your head on a swivel”
  1. A neck spike and a little ability to go wild with it would have made a definitive difference in this case. No real self-defense skills required. A few four-inch puncture wounds in the legs and arms of both guys would have turned the table.

    1. Yes, but, everyone gets cut in a knife fight. A face full of mace would have made a good deterrent. Then, if you have to shank a dude, it’s easier if he’s blind and distracted with his eyes burning.

  2. The man bun tells me he voted for this so screw em……… You know as well I he will continue to vote the same way but blame us and Trump for his “misfortune”…

  3. Note that those doods were hanging out by the alleyway entrances for more than a few moments, and the victim walks right past them. “Don’t mind me, I am just scurrying away.”

    The car pulling out of the opposite alleyway honks once at the muggers and then just keeps driving away.

    Stuff like this didn’t happen in John Gotti’s neighborhood more than once.

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