This woman was attacked by five thugs.

More and more I’m finding these videos where a person is attacked by a group or mob.

As society crumbles, it seems that mob violence for fun is becoming a more popular pastime.

You need to be realistic in preparing to defend yourself against a half-dozen assailants who want to beat you, not for your keys or wallet  but for fun.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “Be prepared to engage multiple assailants”
  1. Three things come to mind: First, it is possible that no matter how effective your defense is, you may wind up being overpowered and lose the battle (for various values of “lose’); second, in a situation like that, “how fast and effectively can I put rounds into everyone near me standing” certainly seems like a viable defense procedure and one that would be defensible in court, if it ever came to that, and third, carry a tool that actually is effective, will remain so for the duration of the conflict, and know how to use it effectively

    Stuff like this will persist, then increase, as long as it is consequence-free.

    1. Not a bad idea Boris, but I still prefer using a full size 9mm pistol with four 22 rd. mags–three in a holster. The round I use is a +p fluid transfer monolithic penetrator projectile. And I practice at least four out of seven days per week correcting and perfecting running a gun as a proud member of the Dick Shooters Club, on several moving threats while moving—an exercise in ‘Full Tilt Boggie’. It’s ugly like Janice Joplin, but we like it that way.
      Link to the round, which in my experience, knows no legal equal –

  2. The problem here is that the individuals attacking this victim, must be assumed, are all carrying full auto Glocks, which is why they have no fear and act as if they are god and therefore accountable to no one. It must also be assumed they know the local legal system views them as victims suffering at the hands of ‘people not like them’. The person capturing the event on video is one of the gang and posts it on the net proudly. They believe their ‘gang justice’ is justifiable.
    In my opinion, there is never a reason to go in any area where the possibility of gang interaction exists at any level. And if you must enter such areas, don’t go unless you have a qualified, capable, legally armed, partner. Eventually if the current societal decay continues law abiding armed citizens will be forced to repel such individuals back into their areas of the community. And then prepare for retaliation by going into war mode.
    If you’re not preparing for this to happen in your world, you’re making a grave mistake. Leftist will expand the race war they’ve started until someone stops their expansion.

    1. Thanks, Law–you addressed my first 2 concerns: Whyna Hell go where those people are, and Hoona Hell filmed it!??

  3. This is EXACTLY why you need more than 10 round magazines.
    You need 12, 15, 17, or 20+ round magazines and 2 spare magazines at a minimum.

  4. We’ve all seen behavior like this before…in Africa…on the Nat Geo channel…from packs of chimpanzees running amok.

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