This is a group of children beating a grown man to death.


Getting killed by a group of children is still getting killed.

Your children will never see you again.  You family will still lose you.

You don’t get a mulligan because your skull was caved in by a 15 year old instead of a 25 year old.

You must deal with the threat as it presents itself, and that threat may be a bunch of teens with hearts full of murder.

You might have to kill a child in self defense.

Be prepared for that reality.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Be prepared to kill a child”
  1. I seem to recall a Jerry Pournelle novel starting off with the protagonist being forced to defend himself against a gang of feral teenagers with any handy weapon-like object, and then having to flee into exile because he ended up killing one of them.

    We’re having the dystopia; where are the space colonies?

  2. As I remember Pol Pot, a communist, used the kids to kill the educated first, then any adult that disagreed with them, as communist/socialist/fascist/demoncrat do.

  3. So… if the taxi driver actually fought back and harmed one of the “yutes” I am sure the NYC DA would charge him, and not the innocent fresh faced kids.
    But… you know. You cannot carry a gun because no one else is allowed to. So, you are safe. Because being beaten to death somehow is not as dead as being shot.

  4. And the perps (even the one charged with manslaughter) will rereleased within one day of arrest with no bail.

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