A bunch of youth gang members with illegal full auto converted Glocks, showing their guns and flashing gang signs.

This kids are, or want to be, cold blooded killers.

The Left may believe that they are all just about to turn their lives around and go to church, but these kids will kill you just for the street cred.

Be prepared to defend yourself.

H/T Miguel

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Be prepared to kill a kid, Pt. 3”
  1. Probably some leftist group sponsored event to get the kids off the street, and give them something else to do aside from hang out and join gangs.

  2. And that kids, is why we need the biggest damn magazine possible. My subcompact is now rocking a 15 rounder with another 15 on my belt. 18 months ago I had the first gen of the same gun and was only rocking 8+1 and 8. I now have 1 round less than that in the gun plus a spare mag.

  3. Come on, the atf was far too busy raiding and prosecuting the auto key card guys that these clearly slipped through the cracks /sarc.

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