This story is a window into pure evil.

Virginia first-grader, 6, bragged about shooting his teacher Abigail Zwerner to school officials – and said ‘I shot the b**** dead’

A six-year-old boasted ‘I shot that b**** dead,’ after firing at his first-grade teacher inside a Virginia elementary school in January, recently unsealed redacted search warrants revealed.

Documents obtained by WTKR show that the unnamed boy told a school official how he brought his mother’s gun into the Richneck Elementary School in Newport News, Virginia, on January 6 and shot his teacher Abigail Zwerner, 25. She survived the shooting that drew national headlines.

The docs also reveal the same boy nearly choked his kindergarten teacher a year before ‘until she couldn’t breathe’ and had to be removed from the classroom.

She described how the boy drew his weapon from his pocket after the class got back from recess, pointed it directly at her, at which point she asked, ‘What are you doing with that?’

The boy paused for a moment ‘then fired one shot that struck Zwerner in her left hand and upper torso,’ the court documents said. She fled the classroom to the school office, where first responders found her bleeding from the wound.

Zwerner also allegedly told police of other incidents in which the student threatened violence and physically assaulted others — all of which, she said, were reported to school administrators.

In one of those incidents, the child allegedly choked his kindergarten teacher.

Authorities noted in their affidavits they spoke to the teacher, who described how the child ‘walked behind her while she was sitting in her chair and placed both of his arms around her neck, pulling down, choking her to the point she could not breathe.’

That child is pure evil.

I don’t know of he was born bad or made bad, but either way it doesn’t matter.

A child with a history of violence pointing a gun at you intends to do you harm.

A bullet fired by a little kid is just as lethal as one fired by an adult.

I have a wife and two kids, one a little younger than this boy.

My wife needs me, my kids need me.

I will feel bad having to defend myself against a six-year-old, right until I get home and my kids hug me and tell me they love me, then I will be assured I did the right thing.

The scenario you have in your head of who is going to try and shoot you might not be accurate.

Be prepared for when it’s not.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Be prepared to kill a little kid”
  1. Aahhh the product of a liberal upbringing…
    Yea, more and more I have contempt for “modern humans”..touchy feely policy results in sociopaths who know there is no consiquence for thier actions… prepare your mind to ANY threat. This is why bad people like to use women and kids to do the bad things.. average reaction is slow like molasses in winter. Sad.

  2. Sounds like this will make that teachers case against the school a slam dunk, and it sounds like it should be. Also how does a 5 year old over power a fully grown woman or are we at the point where it is preferable to let a student choke you out because the consequences of any other action out weigh rolling the dice on death or injury?
    I remember when my dad chaparoned for a field trip when I was in elementary school. He had one of the trouble maker kids in our group who started up his usually antics. My dad said to him “Remember, I’m not one of your teachers, you won’t get away with anything with me.” Weird how he managed to behave himself all day after that…

  3. Humans have an inherent, instinctual need to protect the young. It is the reason why teachers are so afraid of taking any action against unruly children, because the parents, the school administration, and even they, themselves will punish any action.
    It is one of the reasons why pedophiles are held is such low regard, even by the worst among us, the criminals.
    There is a similar, but not quite as strong reluctance against harming other humans, or anything for that matter. It is why we send kids who harm animals to therapy instead of coddling them. It is why vandals are not exactly celebrated, and it is why the left’s adoration/excuses of the 2020 riots rubs normal folks in such a wrong way.
    But, the lesson here is clear. When your life is threatened, that human being in front of you MUST cease to be a child, or a person in any way. It is now a target, a threat.
    If you are prepared to shoot a full grown adult to protect your life, you need to be prepared to shoot a child as well.

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