There are people who carry bear spray for self-defense because it’s stronger than regular pepper spray.


Bear spray is regulated by the EPA as a pesticide. I’m not joking.

Using it on a human is a violation of federal law.

In the wrong jurisdiction, the right prosecutor or DA will nail your ass to the wall for using it in self-defense.

Do not give the Progressive prosecutor who hates law abiding citizen and loves criminals a reason to make you the bad guy.

Look up you local laws on the strongest pepper spray for humans you can buy, and if there are any canister size limits, and obey the law.

Step one is defending yourself.

Step two is not going to prison.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Bear Spray for self defense”
  1. like Jersey, it’s legal until you get caught… heh heh. it may be illegal in some areas but its better than dying… besides, if the bad guy gets a face full of bear spray and you run away how they gonna id ya? heh heh

  2. I would extend this to knowing the rules where you travel to, as well as where you live, and what you have to do between them (e.g. does your airline let you check pepper spray?).
    I swear, it’s worse than the tax code.

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