Because there is no “Big Gym” lobby like there is Big Pharma and the Fast Food Industry.

Because telling people to exercise and lose weight doesn’t give them the ability to create mandates and passports.

Because everything done by our government either increases their control over you or lines their pockets and encouraging you to get healthy and more resilient to a virus does neither for them.

It has to be absolutely crystal clear at this point they do not care about your health, just your compliance.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Because they are a bunch of corrupt f*ckers, that’s why”
  1. As of now my government offers NO advise on all official channels how to combat a Covid-19 infection or even how to prevent an infection except for “get the jab, wear a mask, obey your rulers!”

  2. They pulled the EUA for monoclonal antibodies with No, Zero Warning. Now those are illegal to use. This happened after people pushed back at the Racist Treatment plans, where whitey was explicitly downgraded. There are now no approved therapies, just unapproved like HCQ, Quercetin, and Ivermectin.

    I guess someone didn’t give 10% for the Big Guy Biden? Or do you need to pay Fauci or someone else?

    1. They said they pulled the EUA because these two treatments don’t work on Omicron.
      That doesn’t sound too bad until you realize the new Pfizer pill was never tested on Omicron and got approved 😀

  3. Yesterday’s WSJ has an op-ed by Dr. Marty Makary (M.D., Johns Hopkins U) about natural immunity. It discusses the data that shows this is much superior over vaccine-induced immunity. It also mentions the fact that the government pseudo-medical bureaucrats said that the duration of natural immunity was unknown (true, at the time) but then refused to run any studies to find out the answer. So he and his team at JHU did that instead.

  4. in my opinion, we are glossing over something important here. Let me quote:
    “Psaki says they listen to “public health officials” who say shots & masks are best.””

    Two things stood out to me.
    1. Best. OK, so maybe vaccinations and masking are the best, but why ignore all other items? All of the above is probably a lot better way to get out of this panicdemic than only doing “the best”

    They take the same approach on everything. Cutting carbon emissions? Only zero will be acceptable, reducing existing emissions is not “the best.” Healthcare. Only government funded is acceptable, because when people have to pay out of pocket, it is not “the best.”

    2. “public health officials” Why public? Why not health officials who work in academia? Why not doctors working clinics and hospitals? No… the solution must come from the government.

    Public and best, that is what drives the leftist agenda. It is why your average “liberal” votes for the candidate that pushes larger government. A combination of the two.

    Put that to the test on everything coming out of this pResidential administration. (Or any leftists government). See if they mention “best” or some variant, and it will always be pushed by a “public” official.

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