A bill to require public schools in Tennessee to teach children age-appropriate firearms safety concepts as early as pre-kindergarten is headed toward a vote on the House floor, after advancing through a committee Tuesday morning.

If passed, House Bill 2882 would require public schools to provide students with mandatory “age-appropriate and grade-appropriate” training, beginning in the 2025-2026 school year.

Live ammunition, live fire, and live firearms would be prohibited.

Required training would include instruction on:

Safe storage of firearms;
Safety relating to firearms;
How to avoid injury if a student finds a firearm;
Never to touch a found firearm; and
To immediately notify an adult of the location of a found firearm.

‘Age-appropriate’ gun safety training bill for students advances in TN (tennessean.com)

This sound logical, right? And you as an observant reader, already figured out that it sounds very similar to the effective Eddie Eagle program.  Hey, if we are trying to avoid kids from getting hurt, we do what works even if it tastes like crap, right?


The bill passed the House Education Instruction Committee in a vote of 12-3 on Tuesday morning, primarily on party lines. Rep. Ronnie Glynn, D-Clarksville, who is an U.S. Army veteran, broke with his party and voted for the measure. It has not yet moved in the Senate.

Three Democrats voted against teaching kids to be safe. The reason?

The bill drew sharp criticism from Democrats on the committee, who argued that parents should have the opportunity to opt their children out of the training, and that the training could be insensitive to students who have had past or familial experiences with gun violence.

Rep. Vincent Dixie, D-Nashville, argued that parents should have the opportunity to opt out their child from the training.

Ignorance will lead to children’s deaths and that makes for political opportunities and cash influx under the fake promise of “fixing gun violence.”


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

5 thoughts on “Because “ZOMG! dead kids” is more profitable.”
  1. the only problem I see with “notifying an adult” about a found firearm- is the supposed adult an adult, or is it one of those gender nuetral cant cunts that is afraid of EVERYTHING…. and is the “adult” knowledgeable on safe firearms handling… demonizing a tool leads to stupidity.. I DO hope this becomes law, it will then spread to other areas.. America has 28 or 29 states with Constitutional carry, We the People are winning

    1. Continuing the thread in curby’s comment (above), it’s great – assuming it passes without being corrupted into uselesseness, gets signed into law and the Unionized Education Industrial Complex doesn’t rape it into unrecognizable oblivion – that the kids will get safety training and an understanding of what firearms are, and what they’re not. But…..

      To curby’s point, who is going to train the parents?

  2. Try to pass a bill requiring training about safety around water, and see if the same arguments against it make any sense. If they don’t then ignore them now.

    1. Exactly. Water safety (mandatory or not) assumes that at some point, people will encounter water deep enough to drown in, regardless of what measures they or their parents take to prevent it. At some point, it will happen, and they should be prepared for it.
      Realistically, at some point almost every American will encounter at least one firearm, regardless of what measures they or their parents take to prevent it. At this point it’s probably not a stretch to say that more American households have at least one gun than have a permanent pool. To us, basic gun safety for kids is a no-brainer, but the antis still think they can declare they and their kids will never see or touch a gun and make it happen.
      That logic makes zero sense when applied to water safety. But somehow, guns are different.

  3. While I think parents should be able to opt their kids out of firearm safety courses, I think the law should make it like opting out of sex education or experimental vaccines: Parents should be required to read a pamphlet or watch a video explaining what the course entails (what steps are taught, and emphasizing that NO live ammo, live fire, or real guns are present), along with some real statistics and measurable outcomes for kids with and without safety training, and sign a waiver saying that they’ve read and understand the risks of withholding potentially-life-saving safety training.
    As soon as waivers are involved, a lot of parents will just let their kids take the course. But the hard-core Lefty parents can still opt their special snowflakes out if they really want to.

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