Good news from The Sun UK:

IN HIS SIGHTS SAS hero kills five terrorists in seven seconds with shotgun to stop ‘suicide bombing’

AN SAS hero armed with a shotgun reportedly killed five terrorists in just seven seconds to stop a suicide bombing attack.

The Brit soldier had stormed a bomb factory as part of an SAS raid on an ISIS outpost in Baghdad, Iraq.

As the SAS ‘breach team’ entered a courtyard, they were confronted by a group of heavily armed jihadis.

One of the brave Brits fired at them with his Benelli M4 Super 90 semi-automatic shotgun, killing three would-be bombers.

Another two terrorists appeared from a building and he reportedly shot them dead as well.

Several other jihadis then emerged, but immediately surrendered after seeing two of the bodies “didn’t have heads”, reports claim.

Ha ha ha, fuck yeah!!!

I’m reminded of what the great Clint Smith said about shotguns:

Shotguns at the right range with the right load will physically remove a chunk of shit off your opponent and throw that shit on the floor.  And you have to get someone to come in and clean this shit up with a shovel.”

Apparently that SAS operator was at the right range with the right load and that chunk of shit was Muhammad Bin Terrorist’s head.

“The terrorists were no more than a few feet away when the SAS team came face to face with them,” the source said.

“They had just finished morning prayers and were loading weapons into a vehicle. We now think they were about to carry out an attack.

“One of the breach team opened fire…it was a case of bang, bang, bang, then bang, bang. It was over in seven seconds.”

Suicide vests filled with slabs of plastic explosives and ball bearings were found on two of the dead jihadis.

The vests are understood to have been designed for mass casualties.

I remember being told a story by one of my Marine buddies.  They were having problems in Iraq where they would shoot some terrorist in a breaching operation but the terrorist had enough time before dying to pull the pin on a grenade or set off explosives and get the Marines who entered the room.

So a few of them bought 1 oz. deer slugs when they got rotated back home and loaded those up in their shotguns on their next deployment.

A 1 oz. deer slug hitting center of mass at no more than 10 yards is so traumatic that it shuts a human being off like a light.

There is nothing like the power of a 12 gauge scattergun at close range for ending threats.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Behold the power of shotgun”
  1. Several other jihadis then emerged, but immediately surrendered after seeing two of the bodies “didn’t have heads”, reports claim.

    Real tough guy jihadis, there. Ready to suicide bomb, but scared sh*tless after seeing what that could look like. I know I’ve heard of suicide vests blowing the heads off the bombers.

    1. Supposedly the head is the only identifiable body part that remains intact. It pops up. Sort of like a champagne cork popping up as the bottle underneath detonates.

      I suppose it is hard for a jihadi to enjoy his seventy-two sweet raisins if he has no head and no mouth.

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