I have seen multiple news stories of criminals following people home from banks, jewelry stores, casinos, even fancy restaurants.

Places criminals know you are likely to be coming from with cash or valuables.

You need to be cognizant of this.

First, be aware of your surroundings. These people are criminals, not KGB agents. Be aware if a car is following you, especially if you travel on more rural or out of the way roads to get home.

If you are concerned or suspicious, don’t go straight home. Go park where there is a lot of security. The parking lot of a municipal building or hospital would work.

Don’t let the bad guys follow you home.

Most of these crimes could be avoided with situational awareness.

Don’t let it happen to you.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “Being followed by criminals”
  1. most of us who have had some training are generally aware of our surroundings. many, especially the “beautiful people “ are blissfully unaware of EVERYTHING.. I even had a (former) friend who is a combat vet tell me “Im not gonna go around paranoid “… I tried to explain situational awareness isn’t paranoia…. oh well, he also thinks he can carry a 1911 with the hammer down on an EMPTY chamber… if ya gonna be dumb..

  2. Don’t understand what took him so long to drive away, but I wasn’t there.
    I will criticize him for forgetting he’s in control of the most deadly weapon there.

  3. Well, a lot of people also wander around these days with their eyes focused on their cell phones; obliviousness of the external environment is the standard, not the exception.

  4. Hell, it’s TEXAS!! Where’s the return fireworks?

    (Yeah, I know, driving out was the answer at the time.)
    Still too bad someone in the house didn’t notice and drop all the bastards in the driveway.

  5. Newsflash. The parking lot of your typical hospital has virtually NO security. You’re lucky if it’s under video surveillance. My hospital has ONE security guard on duty. Unarmed….and most are in their 50’s or older. Some are retired LEO, some are not. And most hospitals won’t allow their security to be armed. If you think hospitals are a safe place your delusional.

    1. Private or public? Because the public hospitals I’ve been to always have a cop in or near the ER because that’s where the criminals get taken when they need medical help.

    2. Agree. There is little to no actual security in the hospital parking lots in my city. At the entrances, yep, but in the lot…
      Then again, there is almost always a lot of activity, especially near the ER.
      The point made is a valid one. Know where there are active places, at all times of day or night. Someplace where people are, and there is likely cameras active, etc.. Criminals are not exactly the brightest people on the planet, but they are smart enough to know it is time to move onto an easier victim.

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