Bernie Sanders released a four-minute long video on his official Twitter feed talking about an economic bill of rights.

I could go into how these are investable, and the ideas of high taxes and government economic micromanagement are the opposite of the type of liberal freedoms out Founding Fathers wanted.

For instance, he says:

“Are you truly free if you are a small business or family farmer who is driven out by the monopolistic practices of big business?”

Of course, the fix for this is to break up the big business monopoly and expand economic freedom, not crush everybody under the monopolistic practices of big government.

Those are all important points, but there was one part of the video that stood out as beyond evil and wrong.

Did you catch it?

It is when Bernie is talking about veterans.  His voiceover says:

“Are you truly free if you are a veteran who has put his or her life on the line to defend this country and tonight will be sleeping out on the streets.”

This is the image that is shown:

I don’t know how this escaped review by the countless people who made and edited this video before final approval by the Sanders’ campaign, but none of those are American Military medals.

I can identify at least the Order of the Patriotic War, Medal for the Capture of Berlin, Jubilee medal For Valiant Labour in Commemoration of the 100th Anniversary since the Birth of Vladimir Il’ich Lenin.

So this is a man who clearly served in the Soviet Army on the Eastern Front in WWII.

Explain to me how this guy “put his or her life on the line to defend this country” as a patriotic Soviet?

Couldn’t they find one decorated veteran of Vietnam, or Iraq, or Afghanistan to tug at our heartstrings?

No, they found a man representing a country we were at a continuous state of Cold War with for nearly five decades.

When an American Presidential candidate seems to care more about Soviet veterans than Americans, that is a real indication of a problem.

This video was released yesterday, let’s see how many media organizations point this out.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders’ mask fell off, he is a Soviet agent in our government”
  1. I would wager that none of the mainstream media will even look, and I suspect that even Fox will miss it.

    As for the litany of things to be guaranteed by the 21st Century Bill of rights, how free are you when your very existence depends on a government apparatchik doling out housing assignments, health care, jobs (and consequently wages) education, etc.? What happens if you disagree with your assigned housing, or the fact that as a trained physician, you’ll get the same “Living Wage” as Comrade Sanders’s maid? Off to the GULAG most likely.

  2. No media outlets will notice or care.

    Bernie is an execrable, Communist piece of shit. I suppose the only “good news” is that amongst the field of abject lunatics running for the Democrat nomination, he’s apparently not leading.

  3. First off, what mask? The fact that he’s an open commie is as plain as day for anyone who pays attention.

    Second off, it always torques me off when a leftist like Bernie complains about corruption, and “monopolistic practices of big business” and never acknowledges that the government is also responsible. Bribery is a crime for both parties: the one who pays and the one who receives the bribe. Corruption is a crime for both parties. Monopolistic practices are a crime for both the company and the government regulators.

    Have you ever heard any one of the “Democratic” socialists say that? Have you ever heard anyone say we should go after the corrupt government workers?

  4. Bernie just dug these Soviet medals out of his sock drawer for the photo.

    He is a communist POS. That’s all you have to say. A communist is by definition an evil traitor.

  5. All I’m seeing is the video with the Trump/Sanders back and forth. Do you have a link to the original video?

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