We have some bad news. The case which was put on the Supreme Court’s emergency docket asking for a writ of injunction has been denied.

The total information we have currently is:
Dec 14 2023 Application (23A486) referred to the Court.
Application (23A486) for a writ of injunction pending certiorari presented to Justice Barrett and by her referred to the Court is denied.

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By awa

3 thoughts on “Bevis v. Naperville, (U.S.) 23A486”
    1. Thanks for the link. I watched Todd’s reporting. Unfortunately, he had no more information than I have. There is more to come from me on this. But I’m working and this is supposed to be a quick post Thursday, for me.

  1. Lawyers, judges and lawgivers are NOT the stalwarts of Justices and Freedom.. Lawyers, judges and lawgivers are the USURPERS of Justice and Freedom.
    The conservative patriots in this land know it. And in the spirit of Justice and Liberty, EVERY one of them will receive a fair tribunal for their crimes against the Constitution.
    Their tribunals will be brief.

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