This video has gone viral.


If that is all you see, than you probably want Jonathan Kaye fired, arrested, and his life ruined.

The problem is, that video only shows half the story.

The New York Post tells the rest of the story.

Millionaire Jonathan Kaye had clashed with members of an anti-Israel LGBTQ group before he shockingly laid out the woman, a source close to Kaye with knowledge of the situation said Monday – as his Park Slope neighbors described him as a rude, antisocial curmudgeon.

“They were marching, they had a flag, and Jonathan simply said something along the lines of, ‘you guys are on the wrong side,’” the source told The Post.

“From there about four people from the group came up to him, they circled him and threw red liquid on him,” the source claimed. “He tried to back away, but he was either chest-bumped or fell to the ground, smashing his knee and slicing his leg.”

The source claimed that he got up and used only the amount of force that was necessary “to get out of there,” noting that Kaye has no history of violence and no criminal record.

Despite the NYPost trying to paint this guy as an awful person, it seems that he was in the right.

He told a bunch if Queers for Palestine that they were wrong. That’s perfectly legal.

They surrounded him, assaulted him, dumped and unknown substance on him.

He punched a tranny in the face to get away.

He was the victim.

Except, this is Pride month, and trannys and Hsmasniks are the new exalted classes, so he got fired and his life if being ruined.

I hope that he sues the piss out of everyone, because self-defense against a bunch of terrorist loving queers isn’t a crime.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Beware deceptively edited video”
  1. The terrorsimps and commietards need more of this type of reaction, if there’s a good chance of a physical penalty for violating someone’s personal space there will be less enthusiasm for doing so.

  2. lets all say it together class- rodney king….
    when he quit resisting they quit beating him….
    rule of the day- stay the FUK away from these places….

  3. So a tranny commits assault and battery, victim defends himself, and the claim is he “punched a woman”?

  4. Just wait until AI is effective enough at making believable videos at propagandically useful lengths.
    Going off how things work now, all it has to do is not be revealed as a fake immediately, for it to do the intended job. Even a couple of hours is likely enough.

  5. I got stuck on the Moell’s comment re: the “extraordinary contributions” of the alphabet group…

    Such as?

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