By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Biden Administration giving off more creepy pedo vibes”
  1. ‘America is back!!”

    Biden’s ‘America’:

    Rampant inflation
    Skyrocketing crime
    bombing brown people
    Increasing gas prices
    China/Russia increasingly their worldwide presence.

    Great job Joe!!!

    1. Good catch. Makes you ask “where did America go?”

      Oh, I know, Trump and orange man BAD! But, seriously, more folks were waving the US Flag, they were excited about new jobs, higher household income, cheaper fuel and utility rates. And, added bonus, the US was not the World’s punching bag any more. No more bowing down to the EU, and being terrified that China might stop sending us stuff.

      And, curiously, not one walked around asking “What happened to America?”

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