This is something you and I paid for with tax dollars:

Will this motivate anyone to get vaccinated who is hesitant at this point?

If this is what pro-vaccination looks like I want my vaccine sucked out of my arm.

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By J. Kb

16 thoughts on “Biden Administration makes me want to get devaccinated”
  1. Today’s future dystopia looks like *spins wheel* hunger games. Da fuq is with those nails. If you wouldn’t be comfortable with that around your kids, how in hell does that a security clearance?

    1. A very high percentage of Obamao cretins, couldn’t get security clearances. But they access the files anyway.

    2. Having gone through the paperwork for a security clearance, I’m convinced that hardly anyone in an elected or appoint position in DC could pass the background investigation that goes along with an SF-86.

      And, yes, Hunger Games was my first thought on this one.

  2. I’ve always been baffled by the affectation of the over-the-top effeminate persona. I’ve seen it IRL, but does ANYONE actually believe it’s anything but the conscious adoption of flamboyancy? I’ve never met an actual woman who acted like that. WTF??

    1. A gay friend pointed out it’s purely an act. He never acted that way — had he done so, I couldn’t have stomached being around him.

  3. Here’s a hint on living a happier, more satisfying life:

    Stop paying any attention to Twitter, what idiots on Twitter say, and what idiots who read Twitter are saying.

  4. Those finger nails are a sign of wealth. This person is telling the world that they do no manual labor. It is the visible sign of “no calluses” in an age of keyboard workers.

    That person can’t run a shovel, he can’t operate heavy equipment, he can’t touch type, he can’t run a microscope or a dozen other things.

    Those nails tell the world that he’s a “boss” giving orders and telling others what they should be doing. He’s not one of those rubes that actually gets their hands dirty.

  5. These videos are being used in China to convince their generals that our military is a paper tiger. Hitler did the same thing with the Oxford oath

  6. This character reminds me of Tatiana McGrath, the twatter persona that did the over the top Woke Pronouncements. It took weeks to find out she was actually a male and a comedic genius.

    I don’t recognize this character , but he has a great comedic future. notice he seems to be working for Jen Psaki, the most ridiculed character of the Biden Mis-Administation, but they are never in the same frame. I think he will keep us laughing over the next few years, if the fascists don’t cancel him first.

    I agree with Therefore, those nails are the equivalent of the ruffed lace cuffs that indicate the 18th Century clerk was the boss and never did any actual work at his desk.

  7. We’re fond of saying around here, “If their cause is so righteous, why do they have to lie?”

    The COVID vaccine version of it goes, “If the shots are so good for us, why do they have to push them so hard (and lie)?”

    The fact they’re putting so much time, effort, and money pushing the message that the vaccines are good and effective and will Save Grandma [TM], should be a massive red flag to anyone paying attention; all the hype, celebrity messaging, and PSA campaigns just distract from the actual science.

    If the actual science supported the vaccines (or masking, or social distancing, etc.), they wouldn’t need the hype, celebrity messaging, and PSA campaigns; the science would speak for itself.

    That the science isn’t allowed to speak, and is actively being drowned out by the noise, says a lot.

    1. Today’s WSJ has two opinion page pieces — the lead editorial and an op-ed about pediatrics — that demonstrate the same important point: a field in which you’re required to act according to an “approved truth” is not science; it is a religious cult. The people who practice it are the heirs of Torquemada and Beria. There are way too many examples at the moment: the bat theory of Covid, the theory of anthropogenic warmism, the notion that young children should have their gender reassigned — the list goes on and on.

      There are still some fields left that do qualify as science. I think physics is safe for the moment. Computer science for the most part also (but some signs are worrying); math ditto.

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