Even if you don’t shoot green tip, cutting back almost one-third of available 5.56 ammo would cause a price spike in the remaining ammo.

Not just that but Lake City brass is used by a lot of other manufacturers, so the availability of other 223 loads will be reduced as well.

This is a malicious and purposeful attack on US gun owners.

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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “Biden Administration may do to ammo what he did to gas”
  1. I only buy Federal 5.56. The only things close are Winchester and PPU. Everyone else underloads the powder charge. It’s why I refuse to buy PMC.

    The purpose of what they are doing with gas is very simple. They want nothing less than the complete and total end to all fossil fuel use and the the end of gasoline powered vehicles. What they want is the literal complete and total ban of vehicles that run on gas mandating electric. For us. Not for them though since they are the elites.

    The democrats want nothing less than to ban all private gun ownership with the full force of the United States military to go door to door to confiscate all guns by force and the literal complete and total literal extermination of every single solitary person in the united states that owns a gun. And if the other people that live in that home are opposed to that well might as well kill every single solitary United states citizen in a home with a gun owner too. After all these are leftist democrats.

    Since they cannot outright ban gas vehicles they just make the cost of gas so high no one can drive them. Since they cannot ban all guns and go door to door to round up every single gun and kill every single solitary person that owns a gun they make ammo more expensive.

    1. Don’t forget that every cop is driving around with a full tank of gas and a few boxes of ammo on his person and in his car that YOU paid for. They don’t care what it costs.

  2. Why not. President Mom Jeans went and destroyed brass that was required by law to be sold into the civilian market and nothing was done about that. They don’t give a **** anymore because nothing ever happens. Look, the GORP party just capitulated and wiped their asses with the Constitution on the “Gun Sense” bill WITH the full knowledge of upcoming election tidal wave in their favor.

    Oddly enough, I just grabbed another 150 round pack of M855 while at the store for no particular reason other than it was there and I had a few bucks to spare. After reading this, I’m going to have to see what I can pry out of the wallet to grab a bit more.

    I don’t know much. But what I do know is that none of this is going to end well. It can’t. We’re getting way too far down the toilet bowl. The whole country is sitting right at the crook in the drain just before it whooshes down the sewer.

  3. No surprise. I’m just back after opening another window and ordering another 750 pieces of Lake City processed brass and another 1000 Hornady bullets. I’ll re-inventory components tomorrow.

  4. As recently as 5yrs ago I’ve bought bulk pulled ss109s for about 0.07ea which afforded me handloaded m855 for about 0.14-0.15/rnd. It’s a shame to see this end.

  5. The new and improved next gen US infantry weapon is 6.8×51. Obviously, it’s not because the military needs 5.56 for their own use.

  6. So far, the only source seems to be Larry. Sure, his position at the NSSF lends substantial credence to his claim, but I’d still like to see some sort of verifiable source that confirms his claim before we all go into full handwaving freakoutery mode.

    Still, if true, and done for non-legit reasons (e.g. not for retooling for new production or large military orders taking precedence at LC, but rather for political spite) this would be a major dick move on the part of the administration.

  7. They tried this once before, going after M855 trying to ban is as armor piercing pistol rounds and that got thrown out of court and us folks fired up.

    As I understand it the current deal is they can sell any overrun on military orders as part of the contract they negotiated. Wouldn’t this require a new contract or they be allowed to continue on for however long they have left? If not then mayhaps some monkeywrenching by some patriotic partisan is in order at the plant.

  8. I would have thought the only way to do this would be to have the Feds buy every single round and component made there.
    I wonder what Winchester’s contract says on the matter. I can’t imagine it’s silent on it, as this is a potentially large fraction of the total revenue from running the plant.

  9. I’m curious how Winchester’s operating contract is written. I’d be surprised if the contract didn’t specify that Winchester can sell all excess production on the commercial market. The one wrinkle would be how “Surplus” is defined. If the government can arbitrarily determine that the entire production is needed by the military, then the government could buy the entire production and store the surplus. I suspect that giving/selling the excess ammo to Ukraine would violate the contract. Note IANAL.

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