This from October 20th, 13 days before the election.


Now this from today:

We were so close to peace and Biden burned it all down.

Thanks normies, I hope nice Presidential Tweets are worth dead Jews, dead Palestinians, dead Arabs, and endless wars in the Middle East.

Personally, I’d take mean Tweets over rockets falling on Jewish children.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Biden burned the world down in six months”
  1. I suppose you would prefer that, but then again you don’t have the enlightened world view of progressives like the Hamas Congressional Caucus.

  2. “…are worth dead Jews, dead Palestinians, dead Arabs, and endless wars in the Middle East.”

    I don’t think you quite get it. The left WANTS this. Except for the dead Palestinians part. The pro war billionaire class has shifted from the Republicans to Democrats. And you’re thinking too small. This is the left. They desire the complete and total extermination of all the Jews in Israel. Just like they desire the extermination of all the Jews in the United States. And pretty much the entire world. Which is fully supported by every single member of the Democratic Party that is Jewish. Like you said they just have it as a victimhood badge rather than an actual religion. Hell, the Democrats would supply the nuclear weapons to do it if they could.

    It’s just one group of people in a list of several other groups of people that the left wants Exterminated and wiped off the face of the planet. Just like how they want to exterminate every single solitary person in the United States that voted for Trump, supported Trump, voted Republican, is a registered Republican, has any conservative values, own guns, has white skin and is heterosexual with a Y chromosome that does not hate themselves, does not hate the United States, and don’t forget everyone else that does not fit in those groups that opposes the extermination of any of the above groups.

    And everything I said was completely bat shit insane. However you read that and I think there is going to still be a small part of you that kind of agrees with what I say. It might be a small inkling but it’s there. What does that tell you about where We are going as a society?

  3. Don’t forget the 600 some Hamas rockets that fell on Gaza.

    If anyone did an honest accounting of casualties caused by Hamas, they would realize Hamas kills tens of Palestinians for every Israel they kill.

    How many gazans were killed by Hamas rockets? Do you think they have minimum range safety fusing? they fell short, and blew up in Gaza cities.

    Hamas kills anyone that opposes their psychotic rule. Hamas regularly liquidates their tunnel builders, to make sure they do not disclose where they have built tunnels. Remember how they killed and drove out the Palestinr Liberation Organization members after Hamas won the one election in Gaza how many years ago?

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