At last night’s Democratic primary debate, the candidates got 30 seconds to explain their position on guns.

That position happened to be the same in every case.

Commie Sanders and Douche Nukem got into a debate over who would be better at banning guns.  Bernie also wanted to “end the strawman provision” which I have no idea what that is supposed to me.

The night before, Amy Klobuchar explained that a mandatory buyback really inst a confiscation.

But it was Joe Biden who took the cake for the most extreme rhetoric on that topic.

Not just did he take credit for passing the Brady Bill, he wants a mandatory buyback, mandatory smart guns, and he declared gun manufacturers to be “the enemy.”

“Last thing, we should have smart guns. No gun should be able to be sold unless your biometric measure can pull that trigger. It’s within our right to do that, we can do that, our enemy is the gun manufacturers, not the NRA.”

That is a hell of a position to take, stating that law-abiding Americans working in one of the nation’s most heavily regulated industries are “the enemy.”

He then double-downed on Twitter:

What does that mean?

How is he going to defeat the gun manufacturers?

Is he going to put them out of business by having the ATF pull their FFL’s?

Is he going to sue them out of existence?

It is truly fantastic when a presidential candidate runs a campaign calling law-abiding American citizens “the enemy.”

I thought dehumanizing language like that was what Nazis did?  I’d say that if the Left didn’t have double standards they’d have no standards, but the Left has always been about dehumanizing people.

This should be ridiculously disqualifying, and if you read the replies to his Tweet, you will see that a lot on the Left think so too… only because they think he should have said the NRA was the enemy also.

Welcome to 2020, where Trump opposing illegal immigrant gang members entering our country makes him like Hitler but Biden gets applause for calling American citizens “the enemy.”

If you want to know why I don’t want to give up my guns, this is why I don’t want to give up my guns.

My people have been called “the enemy” before and I don’t like being called “the enemy” again.

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By J. Kb

12 thoughts on “Biden declared gun makers to be the enemy”
  1. I wish Democrats could live in a world where all of their ideas and wishes come true, even if only for a while.

    Unfortunately, the rest of us have to live in that world too.

    Seriously though, I’d love to see a world where Joe Biden somehow became president, just to see what a trash fire it would be, if only it didn’t have to be this one.

    1. They do. Places like San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit, and LA are the result. Then they move away to somewhere different and start the process all over again.

  2. Swalwell Is just the more open “candidate” about what they really want: the total banning of all privately held firearms with door door confiscation and the extermination of every single gun owner in the country. He also knows it would go pear-shaped for the government that is why he called for using you nuclear weapons because that would be the only way to achieve the goal. At least in the impatient manner. The sad thing is that the Democrats in their current configuration will, not maybe, but will have total and complete permanent political power in at least two years, six at best which makes sense all empires and usually after 250 years. 2026 will be 250 years when the country was founded. A lot of people in India believe that we’re heading towards a new golden age and we’re currently near the end of a dark age. I forget what it’s called exactly. The problem is I don’t think we’ll get at that Golden age because we will all be dead by then.

    The Democrats hate United States, They hate the bill of rights, they hate freedom of speech why do you think they support tech censorship so much?), they hate that you have any rights at all. The Democrats hate anyone not exactly like them, Democrats want to literally kill every single person not like them. That’s over half the country if not 2/3 or more. The problem is that they have no compassion for human beings other than themselves so if they have to literally exterminate over 200 million people to achieve their goals even if it means dropping our entire nuclear arsenal on the country itself to achieve that goal they do that as a good thing. They view nuclear carpet bombing the country as a fumigation of insects. Because that’s all we are to them.

  3. RE “end the strawman provision”, a strawman is someone who purchases a gun with the intentions of passing it along to someone who could not pass the 4473.

    1. Yes, that’s a strawman purchase, and it’s illegal. “Strawman provision” sounds like a claim that there is a loophole / provision that makes strawmen legal some of the time.
      I suppose that’s true: if the strawman is a Democrat, like Eric Holder, there is no penalty.

    2. What he really means is banning all private sales by requiring all transactions to go through FFL’s, which they simultaneously are working on shutting down as many as possible.

  4. Blah. Blah blah blah blah. Same crap they were bleating 10 years ago. Fuk em. We are still doing over 2 million NICS checks a month.

  5. “The members of the NRA are not our opponents — the vast majority of them support common-sense reforms, including universal background checks. The gun manufacturers who bankroll the NRA are our opponent.”

    I wonder how much money it would take to control how the readers on Gunfree Zone think, I mean first the gun manufacturers would need to send a gazillion dollars to the NRA, then the NRA would need to send out almost all of it to us with the new thought patterns they wanted. I am probably off by a factor of 10, make that 10 gazillion dollars. That might be enough to buy off the weak willed. The checks in the mail.

    1. During the heydey of blogging, anti’s made the claim that pro-gun bloggers were receiving “wheelbarrows of cash’ to post and that there really wasn’t any grassroots pro-gun movement. Pro-gun bloggers then turned around and proved that almost every anti-gun group in the country were funded primarily by Bloomberg and the Joyce foundation through separate umbrella groups w/ most of them just being shell organizations/PO boxes to give the appearance of some sort of mass movement.

      One funny bit I saw when an IL local MDA chapter head claimed to have over 10k members. She got that figure by adding up the number of ‘Likes; on three different MDA facebook groups.

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